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OCD Obsession with hep c
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OCD Obsession with hep c

Hi, I'm a 23 yo female, US, white, upper class background.  I will admit I do have OCD, which used to center around HIV and now is about hep c.  It seems so easy to get, but that makes me wonder why it's only 1% of the population who has it, not 75%.  I see studies saying 40% of patients cite no risk factors, so presumably they got it from everyday occurrences.  But if that's so easy to have happen, why don't we all have it?

In addition, my boyfriend essentially has the same "risk factors" as I do, and he refuses to get tested.  He also says I shouldn't get tested because it will only make my OCD worse.  My old therapist agrees, as do my parents.  I will probably get tested anyway, after I see a new therapist to help treat OCD.

More than anything I would like to know what my risk is.  The only risk factors I can think of:

1.) I shared a bill to snort cocaine once with a young friend.  I have no history of cocaine/drug use other than that.
2.) I once walked 2 blocks barefoot and when I got home I realized I had cut my toe, but I didn't know how it happened (upper class residential area)
3.) I go to the gym a lot, presumably at some point I've had a cut on my hand.
4.) I have had mani/pedis a few times but the places seemed hygienic.  It was all after 2004 so presumably they were aware of hep c.
5.) My brother and I were both born with jaundice (I required no treatment) however my mother says she was probably tested for hep c recently when she was approved for life insurance in 2010 and they tested her for tons of things including hiv.
6.) I have had oral surgery before, but I didn't get any blood products to my knowledge and it was all after 1997.

With all of this, I feel like I 100% have hep c, but then I realize it's still not a common disease, and MOST people don't have it.  Most people have probably encountered the things I've encountered, so I'm just confused...if it's so easy to get why don't we all have it, and what's my risk?
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The reality is you are reading WAY too much into this.  You are falling into the OCD trap and trying like hell to get closure on this one thing because let's face it, when we can't get closure we go bonkers.  

Further internet searches are not going to help.  You now know that it is not highly prevalent in society.  If you test, then you will more than likely develop doubt because sometimes nothing is ever good enough.

Ideally, you need to say WHATEVER and move on.  I know it is hard becuase I have been in situations like yours but at some point you just have to let it go and put it in God's hands because we cannot control everything.  We cannot control the environment, the people in it and what they do, so we just need to live our lives the best that we can and try like hell not to worry about these types of things.  I find that in situations like this CBT really helps so if you haven't learned CBT, then you really should.  Also, have you ever looked at the book The OCD Workbook:  Your Guide to Breaking Free of OCD?  I think you may find it useful but you do have to commit to using the techniques so that you can get better.

Take care.
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I agree with the previous comment... u'r letting your thoughts get way too high and fallin in the space where OCD gets feeded.

Don't get me wrong,all people tend to have light, medium and strong concerns in daily things. What makes OCD so unbearable is when u play the most important part: thinking way too much that some images pop into your mind so strong and somehow you end up making it seem like all real deal when in reality they are just that..... thoughts.

I believe CBT is going to help a lot in your case, and while it is an ideal ok thing to get tested just for the sake of it and to make sure everything is ok, nothing of your previous risks really points that u have a hep c or hvc.

Actually, I'm getting myself that book too...

:) Have a nice day
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Do you mean Brain Lock?  I actually have it at my mom's house, I need her to mail it to me!  I started reading it and recalled enjoying it, but the first two steps seemed almost indistinguishable, as did the fourth.  The only one that seemed unique was the third one!  Lol.  Anyone who knows about this can fill me on in the differences.

Today (knock wood) my OCD is a bit better.  For some reason it calms me down to think of all the other ways I could die, that I don't even think about.  Seems strange that it would calm me down but for some reason it does.  Am I alone in this?
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