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Scalp Picking
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Scalp Picking

I am a 15 year old girl and my scalp picking started in 4th grade after playing in the sand. In class i was scratching the sand out of my hair and started to enjoy the feeling of picking my scalp. It was so weird! Ever since, I pick at my scalp every minute of every day I am alone, or discretely in front of close friends and family. I have a tiny dandruff problem now, but in the past I used to pick dandruff flakes, then creating scabs. Now, I pick at the scabs and every so often chew whatever is at the end of the piece of hair I just tore out of my head. This is a problem, some of my friends ask why I scratch my head all the time, but I don't have an answer. I mostly pick when I'm stressed, but find it pleasing and almost relaxing to do it any other time of the day. The sores hurt, shampoo hurts, coloring my hair burns the worst. I also bite and pick at my nails and the skin around it. Could this be an OCD thing? I have a family history of mental instability, and recently I feel manic and depressed, almost like bipolar, but not as severe and only once a month, usually two weeks after my period. Help please, it's kinda grossing me out but I can't stop!!!
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You`re not the only one. I also have got this attitude changes like manic and depressed, and bite my nails and the skin around it.  But I enjoy destroying myself so that` not such a big problem for me. I can`t tell you what 2 do. If you don`t do anything, you`ll get used 2 it.

My stupidity started when I was 13. And I`m 17 know. But I`ve been drinking a lot so that may have caused some problems.

Maybe you should talk 2 a specialist if it`s not a problem because mood changes can and don`t have to be related 2 puberty.. But if they are regular... hm... you should talk to specialist.

You picking your hair can be some sort of habit. And when we`ve got that, it can be really hard to get rid of it. Try to remind yourself every time you unconsciously do that, that you don`t want to. Maybe you`ll have some ups and downs, but that`s usual.

If u have some irresistible urge or something, try 2 talk 2 specialist. If u care about yourself, you`ll do so. He can b sure what is happening 2 you. It doesn`t mean you r crazy or something. u shouldn`t b ashamed of that because "normal" is relative concept...

Everything is gonna be ok. You just have to want it and do something about it. It depends on you...

Have you read MedHelp information(definition, symptoms, posts, discussions)? This might help you.




Good luck... If I can help you somehow, feel free to ask...
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