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Washing hands
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Washing hands

Hi guys i have an obsession with germs and washing my hands and its starting to

effect me by making rashes on my hands and making them sting, it's getting bad now as

i'm washing my hands , then washing my hands again because i've touched a tap.

For example i went the cinema with my girlfriend

If my girlfriend didn't wash her hands at the cinema about 2 days ago ago after going

the toilet due to the ammount of people who get urine on their hands or fall over or

touch the seat in public toilets, and she didnt actually sit on the seat (To avoid

herpies (herpes)) and she touched my phone, would the germs be on my phone, i have a sorta

condition atm where i keep washing my hands all the time and i'd like to get out of

this habbit.

So if i touch my phone then say scratch my balls or something, would i get herpies (herpes) or

any other type of harmful bacteria? I've also wiped down my phone with a baby wipe

Also to anyone to answer, should i go to a doctor? I think i've got a condition where

im out of control, i'll say for example touch my phone then have to wash my hands

because i don't want to touch my computer mouse incase i touch my face or scratch my

genitals or something like that. It's really starting to bother me, i've washed my

hands so much in the past few days that they are getting dry and have red rashes on

them that sting :/

It's really bothering me as everytime ive touched my phone today i've gone up and

scrubbed my hands with soap, now they're starting to get chapped i think? all red and

stingy and dry.

Seriously, i need to stop being so afraid of germs and bacteria, i don't know why im

like this as i never used to be like this apart from when i was a kid but i just got

over it, i think it was something about a science class when i was in school and we

grew bacteria and the science teacher said it could grow anything in there and it

could be harmful so it had to stay in containers..

Either way i'm washing my hands way to much and worrying about stuff.

E.g i'll go wash my hands, then wash them again because i've touched the tap or

something, sometimes i can wash my hands lots of times per hour.

I need help please!
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Avatar f tn
the classic case of handwashing! for some reason it has been years that I have had to do that than this past week it started up again to the point i'm scrubbing everything down and washing my hands over and over again.I just have to tell myself to STOP it.germs and bacteria are everywhere no matter how "clean" something is.If you are feeling that you are spinning out of control i would say that you need to see the dr.for some help.In the mean time to give your hands a break try and cut back on the washing.maybe you could try and just touch things with a clean paper towel instead?as far as getting herpies (herpes)  from an object i think is very rare,not saying it isnt possible,just rare.I think it has to be more of a direct contact situation because if that were the case i think alot more people would have it.best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn
I wouldn't worry about it. Make a Routine if you're that worried, e.g. washing hands every 2 hours, and if you rub your penis after it's very doubtful, as sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted only by bad sex.
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