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hiv ocd?
Exposer may 20 testing
14 days hiv and full panel neg
20 days hiv full panel neg
33 days rna negative
35 days insti and rna negative
39 days eia hiv and rna negative
49-50 days p24 and hiv insti negative
74 days Eia hiv test and full std panel negative
75 days clearview rapid negative
76 days Hiv inst negative
77 days clearview rapi negative
80 days clearview rapid negative
81 days clearview rapid negative (testing with female partner)

All together I've probably had over 30 and close to 40 rapid test done with 11 week span. Ive been told to stop testing.. but I can't. . I caught a cold at the end of the 10th week.. and my gf did too.. so that's why I'm freaking out and testing like crazy week 10-11... I'm 3 days away from 12 weeks... I can't help to think this cold is hiv related
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