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is this OCD?.. help me.
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is this OCD?.. help me.

Hi. I'm 15years old and I think I  have OCD. I never knew about OCD but I found myself abnormal.
that much yet... I thought there would be any site about OCD on US. I'm here to ask how can I stop those voices messing me.

to tell about my symptoms

once I start to wash hands, soap's must placed on be on left side and toward right side. if it towards left side voice say my familywould get hurt.I have to wash my hand once and trying to place it again. but if I touch wall or
anything during I trying to move soap I have to wash my hands once again and have to start it again. my voices
says people I lovewould get hurt if I  don't do that and I can't resist thsese voices. if I washed my hand 4times, nomatter I placed my soap toward right
siad perfectly and I haven't touched anything except soap. I have to do that 2more again because doing it 4time could hurt people I love.

I do this everytime I go bathroom. when I do this at night this is pretty annoy my family as it's really noisy. my mom yelled at meto be quite because she can not sleep as I doing this.I told her that I think I have OCD but she said I don't have it and it's just becauseI think I am etc. she didn't considered it seriously though I've told her twice. you know what it's very hard for me to tell her or anybodythat I have mental problem as I could be a become weirdo to them. I'm so scared any people would see me as a weirdo or mental.
I don't wanna bother her and don't wanna be annoying person to anybody. my faith is living without bothering anyone but this thing makes me crazy.

it's not all my smyptom. my life is just full of things like that.

if pencil lead touched on any place on my hand or body I have to put my erase on it even if there's no stain on it. if I don't erase itsomething bad would happen, my voices says. so I erase my hand,leg,arm so many times on school and I'm worrying mates would see what I'm doing.

and I have to move my monitor 5times at once if on monitor, any sound comes out. and if when I move it once I have to think aboutmy friend's brother and on twice, I have to image my friend's face and next her mother, her father.. or my family could get hurt my voice says.

my life is full of those things and there's so many symptoms to mention. they are all simillar with them liek I must place my goldfishe's feed on right side or bad thing would happen my voice says.

I can't listen to someband's music or the bands if their give me not good feelings.

my day is just full of those things and it's too hard. I just can't stand it for too long now I need help..

is there anyone who knows how do remove this or at least make it anybetter..?

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Well,.. Finally someone else. lol I'm 14 and I've always counted. 12 is my magic number and I do everything 12 times. such as adding up letters with #'s 1-26 on road signs like A=1 B=2 C=3 ect.. I went to the guidance counsleor and after talking to someone it died down. I still brush my teeth 12 times with 12 brushes. floss 12 times with 12 different kinds of brushes. and rinse 12 times with water then 12 times with different mouth wash. Nothing I do can help and when I start to count I dont catch myself until I'm too far to stop. I cant even pay attention in church for counting the people, pughes, columns, and words the pastor says. and it KILLS me when someone touches me an odd # of times. I go off on them and make them touch me more making it "even". I feel terrible when people say "it's all in your head" or something like that.. "You dont even act like you do"... Ummm.. people. I would think I know if i cant stop counting.. What makes it worse is when people dont understand how much it hurts you.. But anyway.. Just go have a long chat with someone you're NOT close to, and then tell me how it goes.
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You definetly have OCD. See There are two types of therapy for cure,
1. Behaviour therapy
2. Medicines

See OCD is caused by due to some imbalance in the chemicals in Brain(setraline)

So, Please if u could control yourself,by saying to yourself that ,the thoughts (or voices) are due to OCD . Nothing will happen to anyone .Be brave.Try to stop the actions or rituals when the unwanted thoughts comes, Divert your mind towards some other activities.

If your not able to do that ,Consult a Psyhiatrist for initial medicines.There is no worng in consulting Psychiatrist,ok

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There are many types of OCD in fact they call the OCD sub-types. I was doing resarch the other day and I came across some interesting information. OCD is obsessive compulsive disorder so they way it works is that our obsessions cause great discomfort (we can't tolertae them) so to alieviate this we act in a manner that brings us control and reassures us these are our compulsions. Cognitive behavior therapy and Exposure Response Therapy and meds help can help OCD. OCD appears to effect the seritonin in the brain.
Here is a website that may help you.

Good Luck
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