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Hydrocarbon gas (amines, CO and possible low isocynide) inhalation
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Hydrocarbon gas (amines, CO and possible low isocynide) inhalation

I am a 30 yrs old man. got exposed to toxic hydrocarbon fumes when I was burning small amount (~20g) of Aziridine polymer and polyurethane at high temperature (200-500C) [They may release hydrocarbon amines, CO and possible low isocynide]. I got exposed for 30min (on Oct-30th 2012). I didnt have any cough/nasal-drain during the exposure and even after that. I started having frontal headache 2 hrs later and rib pain on the lower right side started 2days later.
Headache is persistent (24x7) and all the time (varies from mild to severe, usually worse in the morning, light during the day and again gets heavier in the evening) since then even ~6weeks after the exposure. Although all blood work (CBC, CMP and thyroid) and imaging (Chest x-ray, abdomen ultrasound, CT of chest, and  CT of head) came negative but there is no change in the symptoms even after ~6weeks.I had no health issues in last 8 years.
Any suggestion for any diagnostic test that can reveal the damage (if any) caused due to chemical inhalation and understand the cause of my symptoms, or what else could be wrong w/ me would be heartily appreciated.

Could you please provide additional information regarding the following questions?

1. Where to you have pain? Front, right, left, back of your head?
2. Do you drink caffeinated beverages ? Tea, coffee, soda?
3. Is the pain sharp, dull or how would you describe the quality of the pain?
4. Have you noticed that anything (medications or otherwise) improves or worsens your symptoms?

~ Dr. Parks

This answer provided to you is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this Medhelp.org posting is for patients’ education only. As always, I encourage you to see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.
Thanks Dr. for your response. I really appreciate you taking your time to write me back.
1. My headache is in the forehead area, both temple muscles and front half of the top. These headaches are not like normal headache. I feel dull pain in the muscle or nerves. Usually it is worse in the morning when I wake-up. Few hours after waking-up, it gets mild and remain mild during the day. I started taking Amoxycilline (500mg antibiotic) and I think it helped in the beginning because my morning headache had been very mild for few days. But now it has regained the same level. Hot water shower helps the headache I think. I dont have headache in the back or neck. However I do feel needle poking type sensation on the back of my head off and on  (it only last for few seconds)

2. My chest pain is sharp and appears to be in the rib. I get the chest pain attack 3-4 times/day. I feel like my rib bone are getting weaker because  a gentle press on the rib hurt like an wound.

3. I dont take soda or tea/ coffee.. My headache is not getting worse atleast since day-1 but my chest pain is being more frequent than when it had started. I have had CT and head MRI came normal, and also the chest CT and blood CBC and CMP. came normal.

Please let me know if I can provide any more information. Regards, Ravi
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