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home heating oil spill + "cherry powder"
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home heating oil spill + "cherry powder"

On tues May 20th the oil tank leaked after being serviced.  The oil leak was cleaned with sometrhing refered to as odor absorbing powder which was worse than the oil smell.  It has since been vaccumed but both odors remain.  I have not been offered any viable solutions other than covering the odors with yet another chemical.

I have chemical sensitivites and my partner TBI and seizure disorder.  My partner and I are experiencing sore throat, dizziness and congestion.  I am experiencing heightened startle response, pressure in neck and ears, high pitch screeching in ears, irritation and confusion.  We are spending time at home during the day with numerous fans and open windows.  We have not been sleeping at home due to weather too cold for fans and open windows.  

We have recived some relief from symptoms using Benzinum 200Ck, Liddel's Detox Ch and physician recommended Chlorella tablets.

What are the health risks? Are there any non-toxic solutions to remove the fumes?  Will residual particles remain throughout the residence even after the odor is gone?  What cleaning is recommended?

Thank you

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In response to your questions:

1. "What are the health risks?" Uncertain without knowing what solution/powder that was used to clean up the heating oil. Odors do not cause health effects and the risk of health effects due to exposure to toxic substances usually depends on the "dose" of the toxic substance = how much one is being exposed and for how long. There may be individuals that are more susceptible to toxicants and may have symptoms or health effects at lower levels of exposure.

2. "Are there non-toxic solutions to remove fumes?" As you point out in your posting, with your condition, you may find that trying to apply another chemical or fragrance to eliminate the odor may aggravate your condition. You might consider purchasing a cleaner ("fragrance free").

3. I am not aware of scientific evidence to support the use of the chlorella, benzinum, or Liddel's Detox Ch. Each of these are also "chemicals" that may have undesired side effects in addition to having no proven benefit. Preparations of homeopathic remedies have been shown in the scientific literature to contain contaminants such as lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals. In addition, there are no regulations to ensure that the preparations contain what the ingredients claim.

If you are experiencing on-going symptoms, you should follow-up with your health care provider.

~•~ Dr. Parks

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only. As always, I encourage you to see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.
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