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Chronic Hidden tooth infectino
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Chronic Hidden tooth infectino

I had an apocoechtomy ( spell?) in May 2006. infection returned within one week, dentist put me on Avolox, then Clindemycine, then Keflex etc... for 5 weeks total. then sent to  oral surgeon who removed the tooth. The tooth was an old root canal anyway, so wasnt the tooth dead???

they had a difficult time removing the tooth, and following I started having neourlogical problems. immeidatly following tooth extraction and even prior to, I had extreme fatigue, brain fog and overall weakness. No one wanted to tie the symptoms to the tooth infection. I have now spent 3+ years feeling ill. I am not a hypocondriac!! I have been seen by some 5 or 6 neourologists, Hopkins, Duke, Clevleland Clinic, UPENN  etc.... had one diagnosis of MS, one of Fybromialgia, Chronic Epstien Barr and so on.

Finally, someone told me to have a CT of the tooth, which I did yesturday. it show a cyst above the area where the tooth was removed and connects into my sinus's.

No confirmation of "infection" yet. my question is: could this cyst have cause such chronic fatigue and overall weakness? I also have experienced long term neouropathy since this started, not sure how a tooth could cause all of this, but wondering if its possible?????
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Sounds like you had an apicoectomy in May 2006, which subsequently failed. After seeing neurologists all over the country, and getting the diagnosed with MS, Fibromyalgia and EBV, all I can tell you with certainty is that none of those things are of typically of dental origin.
In regards to the CT, I would review it with the doctor that ordered it and with the oral surgeon who treated you in the past. Chronic infections can cause fatigue and weakness, but you really need a clinical evaluation to confirm anything.
Keep us posted,
Dr T

Thanks for responce. Can you recoomend an Oral Surgeon or Endo that is good at solving problems like this. I have read about certain chronic health issues tied to long term tooth problems. I really think this is my problem. I am meeting the oral surgeon that ordered the CT, but feel like I need a specialist who will give me the correct diagnosis this time. This oral surgeon pulled the tooth last time, and I think left infection or bacteria there to grow which has caused added health issues.

I live in both Virginia and Palm Beach Fla, if you know of any dentist or endo that would be helpful. I read about a Dr. Gerald H. Smith in PA ( company INCNR) , who claims he has helped with odd problems like this. Have you heard of him, or can you recommend somone else?

Thanks in advance.
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