Crooked jaw/popping
by Phoebe20, Apr 12, 2008
When I smile in pictures you can tell that my jaw alignment is off. I get constant popping when eating,yawning, and so on. I wore braces when I was younger, and I have noticed that my teeth have moved a little bit over the years. My first instinct is telling me I may need to wear braces again. I want to fix the cosmetic part of my issue of my crooked jaw, but I also want to treat my jaw alignment so other problems besides the popping and occasional headaches don't get worse. Do I start with a bite plate through a dentist or go to an orthodontist? My regular dentist told me that she can tell when I speak, that my lower jaw deviates to the left....any suggestions?
by Michael H Kirsch, DDSBlank, Apr 12, 2008
The first place to start is with a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who performs orthognathic (jaw corrrective) surgery.

An examination combined with some simple radiographs should be able to determine exactly where the problem is.  After the correct diagnosis is made, the surgeon will be able to develop a treatment plan which would probably include orthodontics (braces).

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