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Facial trauma after car accident-lump below lower lip after oral surger...
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Facial trauma after car accident-lump below lower lip after oral surgery


I just had an accident 3 weeks ago when my face had hit hard on the steering wheel. As a result, my lower front teeth was displaced/ dislocated a bit and I had to have 6 stitches inside my mouth i.e between my lower front gum and my lower lip. Fortunately, there wasn't any fracture or problem with my jaw, only some swellings on the lower part of my face.

After a week of the accident, the swellings had gone but there is a lump between my lower lip and my chin. It is quiet a big noticeable lump. I have referred this to my mouth specialist and he said that it is a scar tissue and it will go away over few weeks time. He gave me a cortisone cream to be applied and advised me to press the lump so that it will go soft to promote healing. After couple of weeks the lump is still there and doesn't appear to go away.

Do I need a surgery to remove this lump or jut wait for it to heal
on it's own? Pls help.
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The same thing happened to a friend of mine.

You should return to the oral surgeon and have them evaluate the "lump."  It is important so that the surgeon can objectively determine how the swelling is resolving.  In some cases scar tissue forms and does not completely go away.  In these cases an injection of a steroid into the lesion can help it heal more completely.

Rarely will surgery be necessary to remove the scar tissue.  

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