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Flat feet, rotated hip, lumbar scoliosis, moderate to severe pain optio...
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Flat feet, rotated hip, lumbar scoliosis, moderate to severe pain options?

I am a 28 year old female. I was an athlete growing up. I have had flat feet since childhood. They are flexible (the arch appears when I take weight off), but they completely collapse when standing. My ankles roll inward. I saw a chiropractor today for ongoing lower back pain. This pain started at 22 years old, and it is very bad now. I only have mild scoliosis. Recurring severe pain in the left leg extending to the ankle. My knees ache and feel stiff. RA was ruled out. ANA normal.
I have had 3 times this last year I aggravated my lower back in some way (swimming, hiking) and I was unable to walk. The muscles would not support me. It usually takes two weeks to recover from this (the pattern I'm seeing). I am fit (120 lbs, 5'4').
The chiropractor today stated my left leg was one inch shorter then my right. He did some adjustments and it disappeared. I came home, and I can feel that my hip has 'dropped' again and am in pain. I have been walking around the last few weeks 'stiff.' It is difficult to move my legs, walk up stairs, and painful to lie down on my back. I sleep curled on my left side (the left hip hurts badly) with a pillow under my knee.
The chiropractor, last week, told me I had sacroiliac dysfunction based on the exam, and he asked for my x-rays. I got them from another doctor, and he looked at them today, and said it was not sacroiliac dysfunction, but he continues that my sacroiliac joint is rotated. The right hip is up and back. It has been like this for years, and the pain is progressing.
I am confused, because I read that sacroiliac dysfunction is inconclusive with an x-ray? My pain is at a steady 6 lately. I wake stiff in the morning, loosen up a bit by 10am, the pain begins by 11am and is minimal and slowly progresses to extremely uncomfortable by 4pm. In the evening I have to sit on ice to find relief or I'm crying in frustration. What kind of doctor can I see? Please, what can be going on here that is being missed??? Thanks.
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Four suggestions:(1) orthotic inserts for your shoes, (2) core strengthening exercises. (3)physical therapy with a physical therapist, not a chiropractor. (4) See an orthopedist or a physiatrist  wo specializes in backs

Thanks for the suggestions. I am going to an orthopedist tomorrow that my neighbor works for...I'm really happy I'm getting to see a well-respected doctor in town. I stopped going to the chiropractor, and they have therapy at this office. I'm looking forward to getting on top of this. :)
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