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Shoulder Pain - Please help + Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
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Shoulder Pain - Please help + Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Hello, I am hoping someone here can give me some basic info to help me as I have been dealing with this pain for over a year and have not been able to workout or do many of things/sports that I used to love doing. I have an appointment with the doc in two weeks AGAIN and if the pain is still there I would like to have some ammo I can throw becase this is getting to much...
Basic info:

Left Shoulder began to hurt about a year ago
1) Went to orthopedic at Campus- Was given an X-Ray and was told I had slight impingement and was given a cortisone shot. Temporarily relieved pain... worked out for about 2 months and the pain came back.
2) Went back to Same orthopedic and got another shot. Same thing but the pain came back even stronger.
3) Went to a new orthopedic to see if there was something else going on. During this time I started getting pain in my lower back and right hip so I went to see her for that as well.
4) I was given an MRI and new X-Rays on back and shoulder
5)Everything came back clear and in the mean time she had RX me Mobic for anti inflammatory
6)Orthopedic found Cubital Tunnel Syndrome in my left elbow (same side as my painful shoulder.) Said I had impingment and inflmation in my shoulder and gave me another cortizone shot  after I had explained to her I had already had two but the pain was still there.
- This shot was about three days ago and the pain is still present. I have had 3 cortizone shots in the last year and the pain is still there so I am thinking there is really something wrong but they cant find it
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From the way you describe it, this really does sound like impingement syndrome.  Impingement syndrome is inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons and the bursa that surrounds them.  It is usually caused by repetitive overhead activity pinching the tendons and bursa between the head of the humerus and the acromion (the flat bone on the top of your shoulder.
Conservative management usually consists of NSAID's, physical therapy, and occasionally a cortisone shot.  At this point, I would suggest changing your NSAID from Meloxicam (Mobic), and starting physical therapy.
If that is not successful, Arthroscopic decompression is an option.  This is a surgical procedure which removes any bone spurs or soft tissue that may be pinching against the rotator cuff, and removes the inflamed bursa so that it can grow back normally.  

I dont think your back and hip pain are related.
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- It occurs anytime I lift my shoulder up over my head or lift anything no matter how light. Or if I am sitting a certain way and my shoulder is left hanging for some time it begins to hurt.
- The pain is like in the middle of my shoulder. It is usually a stinging pain but when I am not utilizing it sometimes it is a dull pain. At times if I do like shoulder presses over my head or acted like I was doing bench press my left shoulder will pop

Is there anyway that pain in my back or hip can be leading to my shoulder pain? Can cubital Tunnel Syndrome cause my shoulder pain? Are there other tests they can run to ensure I have nothing else? Have seen 2 different orthos - both say impingement and slight tendinitis but have no cure
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