Strange hard lump on top of elbow, extreme pain and feeling of lockup
by LumpyElbow, Jun 20, 2011
Ok, here's the deal....years ago (over five) I wrecked on a mountain bike..landed on elbow...hurt pain ouch...shook it off...recovered.

Since then I've had a strange hard lump (feels like bone) right on the top of my elbow. Up until recently, it never bothered me other than hitting my elbow on a hard surface it would swell up a bit and be tender for a few days.

About four weeks ago I spiked a volleyball, trying to be the 'sand spike champ of the parks and rec league', Anyways, ouch, pain, swelling...so I immediately began the normal routine of ice, immobilization and babying...well here I am four weeks later and if I put any pressure on my elbow in a strange way I get a very sharp pain in the elbom and a sensation of my elbow locking up...I've found that if I life the skin away from elbow I can return motion to my elbow but it remains extremely tender for hours sometimes days after and event like this.

Why am I here? Cause it has become worse and more frequent...the hard bump looks the same..doesn't appear to be any swelling of the elbow

Help so I can head into my doc armed with some knowledge...no pun intended

Thank you
by Michael L Gross, MDBlank, Jun 21, 2011
Sounds like this is olecrenon bursitis. This is very treatble. Go see your doctor.
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by LumpyElbow, Jun 20, 2011
in my post I inadvertantly wrote 'top' of the elbow...let me revise that to depict the 'tip' of the elbow...basically if you put your elbow on the table, the part that makes contact is where the lump is...hope that helps
by LumpyElbow, Jun 22, 2011
Had a meet with Doctor yesterday....used needle to extract some nasty liquid and injected cortisone...mobility coming back, squishy lump/sac dissapating

Doc says it may return, but that many get an inflamed bursae and get it drained and have a cort injection to never have a repeat of the problem

He didn't really have a clear answer as to what to do about the hard lump on the tip of my elbow that is hyper sensitive at times and has been with me for over 5 years
by Michael L Gross, MDBlank, Jun 29, 2011
Could be chronically inflammed bursa or a bone spur. Either can be excised surgically if they are causing symptoms.