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Vertebrae sharp pain due to cycling
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Vertebrae sharp pain due to cycling


Lately I began riding a bicycle (after years of being physically inactive) - I developed a pain in one of vertebrae in my upper back (I think 8th from top). i'm 26 years old male, tall, skinny with thin bones.
The pain is not too strong, but sharp and very localized. usually I feel if when I bend forward.
Also that specific vertebrae hurts when I press on it with a finger.

An orthopedic doctor checked it and told it's not shifted or anything, and that it might be from poor posture, of bicycle which is too large. Also he isn't completely sure it's from cycling. He sent me to X ray (haven't recieved the results yet) and for some reason told that if X ray is OK then I should do radiological test.

I made a two week brake from cycling, but the pain remains (though it's a little bit weaker).
Also I had some pain and stiffness in muscles right near the same area where the problematic vertebrae is.

My bicycle is a crosscountry type, has no rear suspension, (XL size). I'm not riding offroad.
Can I try and continue cycling (maybe with a smaller bicycle), and the pain may just go away after I get more in shape? Or It would be dangerous (The Orthopedic doctor I saw told that he doesn't think it's dangerous, and I should decide).
Maybe I should try some anti inflammatory drugs, to check if it's some sort of inflammation?

thanks in advance.
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Sice you are not riding off road, i am not that concerned about a vertebral fracture. Disc herniations do not cause tenderness. I would consider a injury to the interspinous ligament. This is a fairly superficial structure and is usually injured in flexion activities such as high diving or gymnastics. A local injection can be both diagnostic and curative.

In this case - if I continue riding as long as pain doesn't become severe - there are no riscs? (assumung doctors do not find anything in X ray)
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