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Ankle Cracking. & Pain.
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Ankle Cracking. & Pain.

Well Just Over a year now, i Fell off my trampoline While intoxicated.
It Swelled up Really Bad. Last just over a week. i just ignored it .
Then A Couple of months i did it again. ;(
i Tryed my best to ignore it again.

Then About may this year i got home from school & it had swelled up.
( i had spent the day continuously clicking it.)
( i can click my ankle all the time. its not just a click then a few hours later i click it again . it clicks ALL the time.)

Any way i went to the DR. He made me do physio. i did that just over 3 months. Did NOTHING.
She told me i have a loose ankle. but it did nothing so i just stopped going.

it goes out from under me quite often . && The clicking seams to be getting louder.
you can hear it from the other side of the rooms.

Well What i want to know is There anyone who knows or maybe has this same horrible problem. And Could Give Me Any tips. 0r advice?

Please Anything. im sure will be appreciated. Thanks
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     How are you? I think it is ankle unstability that you are suffering from. During weight bearing activity an unstable ankle feels as though it will give way or let you down. Most commonly this starts after an episode of injury, usually an ankle sprain.
We have two situations one where there is anatomical instability that is demonstrated by examination and the second one is functional unstability.

If a patient is symptomatically unstable, despite adequate rehabilitation, and the lateral ligaments are demonstrated to be lax to examination, like in your case ligament reconstruction surgery can be considered. If left untreated, there is evidence for a risk of developing arthritic change within the ankle if it is left in the longer term.
Discuss with your doctor regarding this and take his advise.
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