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Ankle problem
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Ankle problem

Hello! I am a 25yrs, male. I have a fibula fracture on my left leg, and injured in a football match on 13/4. I went to the hospital straight away. After the x-ray and examined by the doctor. Doctor said my fibula has a spiral fracture about 3 inches above my ankle and my ankle was dislocated and created a 4-5mm gap at the joint, also rupture of the deltoid ligament. Then i was treated with the plastic cast. Since the swelling of the ankle was decreased, i has the operation on the 17/4 and treated my fibula with permanent metal plate and one long screw at the lowest part of the plate to fix my joint. I will have another operation on 3/6 to replace my long screw with a short one since the doctor said the long screw is only fixing my joint and need to be replace when my joint is stable. before my next operation i have been told  don't apply heavy weight on my left leg so i use crutch to walk in this period. I have suggested to do some exercise such as using a towel to pull my foot toward myself to increasing the fixability of the joint. Here are some questions i want to ask~

1) I have rested around 4 weeks nearly no pain but the swelling on the inner side of the ankle is bothering me, can i do anything to decrease the swelling?

2) Will the deltoid ligament heal itself without any surgery? If the deltoid ligament is not repaired, does it affect the stability of ankle?

3) Is it normal that my calf muscle is getting smaller? and it does not tense properly when i moving my foot?

4) How long do people take to recover the injured like that?

5) Normally how long do people take to play sport again or never? such as football or Thai boxing. will my fibula more fragile than other?

Hi there!

1. You could try using ice-packs and keeping the leg elevated aside anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the swelling.
2. The deltoid ligament is likely to heal itself without the requirement of a surgery.
3. Yes, it is normal to lose strength in the calf. This occurs due to immobility/ disuse and is likely to improve after mobility is regained.
4. It may take 4-8 weeks for immediate recovery and 3-6 months for complete recovery.
5. it may be 6-12 months before one could begin full swing activity.
Hope the information is helpful.

Take care!
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