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Bone Islands/ sore feet and heels
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Bone Islands/ sore feet and heels

Further to my X-ray i have had a CT scan done and have confirmed diagnosis of Bone Islands. Can someone please explain this to me. My Doctor has advised me that this should not be the cause of my sore feet and heels, as the bone islands dont usually cause pain!!!!!! What else could be causing my sore feet and heels. Also how sure are you that the bone islands are not malignant? Has there been a case that you may know about where they have malignant? I am really worried and would like some explaination fi possible. Where to from here as my local GP does not have the expertise in Bone Islands, she also advised when the diagnosis come thru that she is not sure what they are, i have asked to be reffered to a specalist and i am waiting for my appointment. As i cannot wait this long i wanted someone to please help me. Very worried.

Could someone please respond to my above questions and now this one.

Thanks Chapp
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Hi dear,

Bone island is also known as an enostosis, is a focus of compact bone located in cancellous bone. It is benign & usually found incidentally on imaging studies; however, the bone island may mimic a more sinister process, such as an osteoblastic metastasis (eg, from prostate cancer).
Although the exact cause of bone islands is not clear, they are almost certainly developmental in nature with an outcome of the process of endochondral ossification.
Reports have described a frequency of 1-14%
They are considered benign lesions without associated morbidity or mortality.
They are 1 mm to 2 cm in diameter, and their size typically remains stable; however, reports have described bone islands that have increased or decreased in size; complete disappearance has also been reported.
When radiographic findings characteristic of a bone island are demonstrated, no follow-up is required. However, if the bone island is unusually large, shows rapid growth, demonstrates increased scintigraphic activity, or is found in a symptomatic patient or a patient with a history of malignancy that could produce osteoblastic metastases, follow-up and/or biopsy may be indicated.
Its almost certain to be benign if it has the typical radiologic characteristics.

Wishing you all the best.
Take care
My situation is similar to Chap, except that my pain has been there for a few years in my left arm, shoulder area and chest.  The pain would come and go and the first thing that  I would always worry about was my breast.  Over the years I been checked and I always get the same answer that everything was fine.  As of January this year, I started with sever pain radiating from my shoulder to my left arm, chest and shoulder blade and this time is not going away.  The pain feels like needles, burning and at time stabbing like pain.  I ended up in the hospital and the first thing they looked at was my heart, but everything is ok.  I was referred  to a neurologist and had an cervical spine MRI which shows 3mm herniationat the C3-4 and 2mm bulges in two areas (C4-5 and C4-5), but she said I shouldn't have so much pain as 3mm herniation should not cause all the pain I have.   Also, I started with sever pain in my left hip and it came to a point that I was not able to walk.  X-ray show sclerosis and deformity of the upper left SI joint.  It is now 4 month and I continue with severe pain in my left shoulder, finally they took x-ray of my shoulder and it shows a small bone island and mild degenerative changes.  I need to know if what I have in my hip is related to the problem of my shoulder or is it just something else.  I’m worried stress, especially because at time I get that burning and stabbing pain in other areas of my body which are not even hurting but are the same pain that I have in my left arm.  I have been taking so much medication for 4 month now and don't get beter, need help and guidance.  

Thank you

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