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Can a sprained ankle cause swelling on both sides of foot?

I am 31 years old and am in "moderate" shape! My boys and I are really into soccer and we were playing on father's day and I of course was wearing the wrong kind of shoes and ended up severely spraining my ankle - I heard a pop, felt a pop, and nearly passed out from the pain - I couldn't move my foot for about 10 minutes or so.

I am almost certain this is a sprain and not a break as I do not have any of the associated pain with a break. I was able to walk without too much pain shortly after and there really is no pain anymore. On top of that I have sprained my ankle 2 other times like this before but it has been about 14 years since the last time I did.

I had the inversion type of sprain, but there could have been a little twisting as well. I drove home and it hurt a little, but not as much as I remembered before. In fact, when I took off my sock I was shocked to see that my outside ankle was the size of a baseball! (My family was shocked as they didn't beleive me - I am always playing around like that with them!)

I used the RICE method and used crutches for about 2 days. However, now, I just use an ankle brace and walk with a little limp. Although I have heard that you should (being careful of course) walk on it as soon and as often as possible after the injury to reduce the possibility for scarring.

I did not go to the Dr. by the way because from what I can tell this seems to be classic sprain and I do not have insurance. There is quite a bit of brusing showing up now, but not too much. However, I noticed earlier that the inside of my foot is itching and is swollen and bruised too. And this is porbably just me not paying attention, but I do not remember it being swollen or bruised on the inside and I do not remember that it was like this the last two times I did it. It never hurt on the inside and still doesn't. Is this normal, and what is the inside swelling and bruising coming from it this was inversion, not eversion?


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