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Cervical X-Ray
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Cervical X-Ray

Hi,  I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on my issue.  I started having a lot neck stiffness about 6 months ago and then it started aching and making grinding sounds about 3 months ago.  I also started experiencing tingling and numbess on the right side of my face between the ear and eye.  Doctor sent me for CT of head and said there was no tumor.  I still have the tingling. Two weeks ago I got up from another restless night of sleep and after beeing up for about an hour, I had severe pain in my neck.  mainly on the left side.  I could not move my neck to the left, I couldn't shrug my shoulder or put my left ear toward my shoulder.  It was a pain of about 12 on a scale from 1-10.  This went on for 4 days before I finally went to the doctor.  I thought maybe it was a crick in my neck.  I tried pain pills, muscle relaxers, heating pad, and bengay patches.  Nothing helped.  The pain is getting better now but if my husband hugs me and squezzes to hard, it sends the pain right back. So the Dr does X-Ray and here is what I was told:

Spurring on the C3-C4
Narrowing of the C4-C5
Spurring of the C5-C6

The Doctor is sending me for an MRI.  What does all this mean?  I am 45 years old and I am a MilTech in the Army.  Which mean I am in the reserve and I also full time Civil Service for the same unit.  I am a budget analyst which requires me to be in front of the computer about 7 hours a day.

Any insight would be appreciated.  I guess I'm trying to find out what the treatment plan will be for this.   I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease of the lower back several years ago.  they gave me epidurals for that.  But that is like putting a bandaid on the problem.  It wasn't fixed.
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The MRI is the appropriate diagnostic tool. If you can, request a "3T", rather than a "1T". The 3T's are the latest machines.

You have a few pinched nerves.

Square two is the MRI.

Unfortunately, the outlook for degenerative disc disease is not that great.

Get a second opinion, but treatment available may only be paliative.
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