Crepitus (crackling sounds when moving joints)
by hm2007, Feb 04, 2007
I've been experiencing crepitus all over my body since May 2006.  Everytime I mention this to doctors they say "oh, that's normal, everybody does that."  Well, it's not normal.  I never had this and then all of a sudden my entire body cracks with every movement.  Sometimes the sounds are so loud I think I might have actually broke a bone!  What is causing this?  I also have muscle aches, knee pain and a bunch of other stuff.  I had blood drawn and they didn't see rheumatoid arthritis.
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by broke123, Feb 09, 2007
i crack all over the place too, even my chest.
i was told that it has a lot to do with a lifestyle. i do absolutely no physical activity. so every time i stretch my joints crack.
i would sugest yoga ;)
by Hijett, Mar 14, 2007
I have been experiencing Crepitus since I was a teenager. I am now 31 and continuously finding that new parts are cracking. I have begun to experience achiness from all of my joints that crack.  When it began it didn't really hurt but each day of cracking I believe begins to wear on a person.  My jaw, shoulders, fingers, elbows, chest, hip, back, knees, ankles, toes, neck... I don't think I have anything that doesn't crack.   I also have been told that "They are not concerned with the cracking", I have been told that, "Some cracking is normal... pressure builds up in the joint and cracking releaves the pressure" Nothing to worry about.  

I guess what I am requesting is that if you do find someone who is concerned with this... Please keep me updated.  My email address is ***@****.  Good luck to you.  I hope you can find the answers... I have been looking for years.
by elam, Jul 03, 2007
I feel the clicks and joint grating, crackling and popping sounds only at night when I move in the bed.  During the day I don't hear or feel anything related to crepitus.  One night I was find the next night after a massage it started. I have been going to a chiropractor and while I still pop and crack it seem to weaker or softer
by RiceCrispy, Feb 07, 2008
I would like to ask if any of you are or have been on the drug Singulair? I have been on Singulair for 3 yrs. This is when my crepitus started. May be coincidence, but thought I would ask.
by cindy903, Sep 21, 2008
every joint in my body cracks...I am Lyme Antibody positive though and it's a symptom of LD but doggone if it doesn't seem to get any better even with my treatment.

I tried swimming and that keeps things going and I sleep better too. Swimming is good for everything as it's easy on the joints.

Being that it's also in my neck -- when I turn my head it clicks -- and in my throat -- when I swallow it feels like thumper is in there -- I am always hearing it. My arms click and my shoulders, my hips, you get the picture. The other day my rib clicked. I am going on a diet to see if weight loss doesn't relieve the pressure.

by rishab, Dec 11, 2008
I face the same thing, cracking sounds all over my body.....
I'm 22 now.... and it as far as i remember it started when I was a teenager... why in the world does this thing happen.
My father says that it seems like the lubrication between your bones have worn out.
That might be it, but if it is then how to remedy it,
Plus what in the world is this kind of a condition called?
by Angellore, Jun 09, 2009
Hi. I have noticed that the cracking stops for me when i dont eat yeast, mushrooms, vinegar, glutamate, wheat, oats and milk. Sometimes is cracks from smoked meats too. All of these products are related to yeast proteins, so i think it can be a reaction to the yeast protein and a leaky gut. The joints also crack from antifungal herbs: grape fruit seed extract, caprylic acid, and more. I also think i have a candida overgrowth and this might be why the body over-reacts.
by Feelinghelpless123, Sep 09, 2009
I'm 37 and last summer i just did not feel right.  And then in November of last year, it seemed like all of my joints started cracking and clicking and popping. i hear grating.  Sometimes i fell like i am just falling apart.  I have been so nervous. I have had every rhematoid test drawn and  antimune disorder checked, I have even had a bone cancer screening.  and still nothing.  I am still running test.  I will have my doctor check for lyme disease.  I wish all of you luck in finding your answer.  And best luck for healing and recovery.  God Bless.
by venus125, Feb 13, 2010
I experience the cracking sounds everywhere too! it's scary! most of the time it doesn't hurt but sometimes my forearm, knees, back, and shoulders feel a little tender, I do have carpal tunnel so i'm used to having sore wrists at times....I wish i knew the cause...it is frustrating not knowing what's wrong because it comes on so quickly and it's hard not to think about because every move i make (EVERY MOVE) i hear the cracking sounds. I have to see my doc about this as this only started 8 days ago : ( I'm happy to hear that some of you had some tests done for bone disease or rhuematoid arthritis and tests came back negative...hope same is for me...and yes I do hear alot that these crack sounds are 'NORMAL'...when you are experiencing it though it's not very normal at all am I right? I was never really the athletic type either I'm 33 years old....I hope this goes away eventually? Has it stopped for anybody?