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Fracture, sclerosis and deformity of lunate is seen -likely to be post ...
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Fracture, sclerosis and deformity of lunate is seen -likely to be post traumatic.

I had suffered a wrist injury in right hand in February. I was lifting a heavy luggage in a hotel room and lost my balance and wrist got twisted and I had fallen upon on luggage

with twisted hand.

Emergency treatment was done and splint was suggested. I continued like that for several months unable to carry luggage; wash clothes; iron clothes or do any streneous work with

righ hand. I work in Computer Industry and have to use keyboard and mouse daily for hours and hours long. However I could not see seek any solid treatment due to my job being at

stake and continued with painkillers.

Now I really want to get this treated as I am unable to carry further life with this problem.

The CT Scan (I believe) or X ray report suggests the following:


Fracture, sclerosis and deformity of lunate is seen -likely to be post traumatic.

MRI will be helpful.#

While I continue to seek treatment further; I would urge and request knowledgeable and honorary members and doctors to suggest:

1. Is surgery the only option...???

2. Can this be completely cured...???

3. Which hospital / doctor is well recognized in india and has a legendary credibility in treating such cases. I know this is very subjectice but any names / refences would mean

a lot for me as a starting point.

As this is a matter of my right hand (and i am right dominant) i want to take no chances to the extent possible as its a question of my survival.

Please suggest most reputed doctors in India in any cities who are well known.

Please take ur time and kindly guide.


sunandoghosh at gmail *******
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Hello Dear,
Lunate fracture patterns are classified into 4 stages based on radiographic findings. Stage I demonstrates no significant radiographic changes. In stage II, some degree of bone fragmentation is present without evidence of collapse. In stage III, fragmentation and collapse are observed. Stage IV demonstrates evidence of fragmentation, collapse, and arthritis.
Treatment of lunate fractures varies according to the stage of the disease. Most treatment options revolve around stress reduction, revascularization, or replacement of the lunate. Salvage procedures are reserved for advanced disease. Treatment options for stage I include no treatment or immobilization. The remaining stages are surgically treated with a variety of techniques. In stages II and III, the treatment options are surgical and include stress reduction, revascularization, and lunate replacement. Stage IV is also treated surgically with salvage procedures, such as scaphocapitate arthrodesis, total wrist arthrodesis, or proximal row carpectomy.
Carpal fractures can be among the most challenging orthopedic injuries to evaluate. Because no single treatment modality ensures an acceptable result for all carpal fractures, the treating physician must possess the knowledge and skill necessary to achieve an acceptable anatomic outcome. If diagnosed promptly and treated appropriately, the vast majority of these fractures will heal. The early establishment of anatomic alignment provides the best opportunity for the later recovery of wrist motion and function
In your case surgery seems to be the option.
It would be better if you mention the city to helpme enable you to search a physician.
Refer http://www.emedicine.com/orthoped/TOPIC36.HTM#section~Treatment
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