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Have you ever come across a dislocated hyoid bone in any of your patien...
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Have you ever come across a dislocated hyoid bone in any of your patients?

I know this is a question for an ontorologist (ENT) however I do not see any forum on this site.
My 17 yr old son has a dislocated hyoid bone.  It is dislocated from the ligaments that hold it in place.
I have 2 ENT"s in Manhattan who are giving me 2 different possible solutions.

One wants to resusspend the bone.  The other says that is not a good idea and thinks she should cut the portion of the bone that is giving him symptoms.

I have spoken to at least 12 ENT"s on Long Island who could not help.  This is a very rare injury.  If any of you have experienced  a patient with this type of injury and know the best way to fix it, please, please let me know.  Both of these ENT's have never done this surgery before.  One is from Cornell and one from Lenox Hill.  I believe they are highly qualified, but because they have 2 very different approaches on how to fix this, I am very confused and concerned.

I appreciate any information you can provide.
Thank you
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Avatar dr m tn
You have to go to an ENT who has done this before. If you have no choice then go for conservative treatment as the support for the bone with proper ligament support is required for proper functioning and you can always go for cutting and chopping if this does not work.
Take care and i still insist that you have to go to a surgeon who has done this before, but i do not doubt the abilties of your Physicians, it is just that experience in these type of delicate surgeries are important.
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I am giving up.  I cannot find a single Dr. who has dealt with this type of injury. My last visit was to a very well known ENT in NYC, it seemed once he heard the words car accident he tried to insinuate that my son is making it up now.  My son has trouble sleeping, he says he has to turn his head all night long to get into comfortable positions.  He came  to me the other day to show me that food was stuck and he couldn't swallow it down , normally he can get it down eventually, it is usually small particals, this time it wouldn't go down.

I know that I cannot give up for his sake, but what can I do????????  According to the ENT's I have seen, I have been to the best around this area.  I am willing to travel anywhere, but I do not have a forum to find a Dr. who has experience.  Can you PLEASE help.
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I know a doctor in Los Angeles, California who has extensive experience with hyoid bone injuries at the UCLA Medical Center Department of Head and Neck Surgery. I too had an injury to my hyoid bone in which it became elongated and bent and am getting surgery at UCLA. I dont know what is exactly wrong with your son, but I know in my case they are cutting out the greater cornua of the hyoid bone which has been damaged. I have been in agonizing pain for two years. The chief surgeon there, Dr. Gerald Berke, would be your best chance I know of for finding a cure for your son. I wish you the best of luck.

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Avatar n tn
I am having some issues with my throat.  Last week I tilted my head downward to wrap my towel around my hair and something-i believe my hyoid bone-popped out of place.  I panicked but slowly pulled my head back up and this thing went back in it's place.  Two days later I was in bed and I was trying to sit up when this thing popped out of place again.  It was painful and scary.  I was able to put it back in place but this time it made a noise.  I try to be very careful now because I can feel this thing coming back up sometimes.  I read in another forum that people have lived with this "dislocated hyoid bones" for nearly 30 years!  I was wondering if the condition worsens with time and if surgery is necessary? I want to go to a clinic but I'm not even sure how to explain this to them.  I've also been to the public clinic with my friend and they are not very helpful, so I'm a little nervous about trying to explain this to them.  
lulin4, thanks for posting this. I hope you were able to find treatment for you son.
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