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Heel Pain

          I am suffering from severe pain in my left feet. Affected area is around my heel and giving me a lot of problem while walking. I am very surprised about this because I didn't undergo any kind of injury or accident yesterday. Actually last night I enjoyed a party with my frns at my place. Even during that party no injury happened. But when I awakened this morning I was actually not able to stand properly. I am not able to find out a reason behind this problem. FYI I am regular smoker and occassional drinker. Are these habits related to my problem in anyway???  Please help me out.............
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Avatar m tn
Hello dear,

The most frequent causes of heel pain are not single injuries, such as a fall or twist, but repetitive or excessive heel pounding.

The following increase the risk of developing heel pain-

Shoes with poor arch support or stiff soles
Quick turns that put stress on the foot
Tight calf muscles
Long-distance running, especially running downhill or on uneven surfaces.

Heel bursitis (inflammation of the back of the heel) can be caused by landing hard or awkwardly on the heel, or by pressure from shoes.

Some home care-

Rest as much as possible for at least a week.

Apply ice to the painful area. Do this at least twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes, more often in the first couple of days.

Take acetaminophen for pain or ibuprofen for pain and inflammation.

Wear proper-fitting shoes

stretching and strengthening exercises prevent  plantar fasciitis .
If the pain worsens get help from a medical professional.

Smoking and drinking usually dont seem to cause this type of heel pain.
Take good care
Avatar n tn
Thank you so much for responding to mtiwa on April 22nd.2008 (at 4:33AM - no less!)   I too, have had a similar problem.  I guess I brought bit on myself - at 62, I guess I need to learn to be more careful about enjoying life.  I live just outside of New Orleans in a small country town. Having grown up and lived in New Orleans most of my life, untill Katrina, I love "a good time"!  My second husband, from a small town in north Georgia, is not so enthusiastic.  Because of that, his job, and of course, Katrina, we  haven't been able to enjoy much of the Mardi Gras Parades for the last few years.  

Because this was my son's fiancee's first Mardi Gras, we joined them for her "first parade".  Although it was a small local event, there was great music!  Between dancing to the bands and running around trying to catch stuffed animals for my eight dogs, I guess I over did it!

I didn't feel any pain during the parade - honest, but was uncomfortable when walking back afterwards. By the time we drove home, and especially the next morning, I was dying!!!  Now, two weeks later, I am still in great pain - especially in the morning.  I have, basically, been "nowhere" for the last two weeks.... first, my husband, and then myself, have had "the flu"!   Since that night, I have been wearing slippers (with arch/heel supports purchased the day after the parade) and walking primarlly on carpeted floors.

Unfortunately - I am still dying.  I know that I need to see a doctor, but am not sure of "what type" of doctor to go to.... an orthorpedic doctor or a podiatrist?

My husband is concerned, because about seven months ago I had a "Laser Vein Proceedure" in that same leg,and was not too pleased with the results ....  I had experienced very good results many years earlier when, after my first husband was killed and I needed to go back to work.   I knew I needed to do something, my legs had been experiencing serious pain whenever I was standing or walking for any length of time even though I hadn't worked in several years. (I had worked as a restaurant/diningroom manager, and I knew that going back to that would mean long hours on my feet-I needed to do something!)

                                                                                                 What I did was to travel to Florida in 1984 for Saline Injections. (the proceedure wasn't available in New Orleans)  The results were nothing short of wonderful!  The good doctor did both legs in one day so I could get back to my children - yes it was a bit painful, but so worth it!

I went back to work for six years, on my feet, in high heels most of the time and had no problems.  I stopped working in 1990 to take care of my parents and have been sort-of "semi-retired" since then. Other than  a few part time jobs, and learning way to much about construction-thanks to "Katrina"; I have spent most of my time caring for my house, my husband, our lawn and our eight dogs.  That being said, thanks to the economy, I now find myself needing to "go back to work"!  What I don't need is this "foot mess" - especially not now !!!  Please, if there is anything you can recommend, I would really appreciate it. thanks for your help.

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