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Well a week ago friday i smashed my heel between a pull and a forklift....i have some pain on outside of left foot just below the ankle that just developed about a day ago. I can't put full weight on my heel, if i do i get pain. not sure if I broke it or not......When i went to the ER they took an X-ray but the doctor even told me that it may not show up, and nothing did. So i was just wondering if there were any signs to look for to tell if it is broken. I don't really trust the results of the X-ray or the doctor i am seeing. The reason I did not get another opinion is because it is a work comp.
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Hello Dear,
The heel pain could be due to several reasons like-
1 .Plantar fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia is strained repeatedly beyond its normal extension. The load causes the soft tissue fibers making up the fascia to tear or stretch along its length. The body reacts to this trauma with inflammation and pain, classic symptoms of tendonitis. The body may even react to this inflammation with growth of a bone spur where it attaches to the heel bone right in front of the base of the heal in the rear of the foot.
This pain in the heel may be aggravated by shoes that lack good arch support or that have seen too many miles and are worn out. The chronic irritation of an athletic lifestyle also contributes to the heel pain.
Rest is critical for healing any type of tendonitis. Unfortunately, we use our feet every time we stand up so it's impractical to rest the foot long enough for it to completely heal. Anytime time you stand up, particularly after a night's sleep, you may experience a sharp pain in the heel. This heel pain is the result of the sudden elongation of the fascia band, as it stretches to support the load. As you go throughout the day, your heel pain may lessen or even disappear. Unfortunately, the pain often returns after prolonged rest or extensive walking or standing

2.Heel bursitis (inflammation of the back of the heel) can be caused by landing hard or awkwardly on the heel, or by pressure from shoes.

Some home care-

Rest as much as possible for at least a week.

Apply ice to the painful area. Do this at least twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes, more often in the first couple of days.

Take acetaminophen for pain or ibuprofen for pain and inflammation.

Wear proper-fitting shoes

stretching and strengthening exercises prevent  plantar fasciitis .
If the pain worsens get help from a medical professional.

Smoking and drinking usually dont seem to cause this type of heel pain.

3.Heel pain occasionally results from excessive pronation. The normal motion of the foot includes the flattening of the arch of the foot as it to adapts to the ground surface and absorbs shock during normal walking is called pronation.
You should get a second opinion and again go in for a x-ray to rule out any pathology.
Refer http://www.heel-spur-treatment.com/heel-spurs/heel_pain.php
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