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Help, need shoulder MRI results explained
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Help, need shoulder MRI results explained

I have had "bad" shoulder pain for the last few years.  I have taken Neurontin, 1800 mg, for 3+ years.  The pain has continued so I had an MRI this last Monday.  I will be finding a Orthopedic surgeon and making an appointment this week.  I would LOVE some feedback on the following MRI results.  (what is up with the cyst?) Thank you so much.

MRI findings of shoulder:

1. Moderate acromioclavicular joint osteoarthritis with productive changes.
2. Acromion is of Type I configuration.
3. Slightly increased risk for impingement.
4. Likely bursal sided partial thickness tearing of the supraspinatus tendon with concomitant supraspinatus   tendinopathy.
5. Cyst within the supraspinatus tendon-muscle complex fiber likely post traumatic in etiology.
6. No significant supraspinatus muscle atrophy.
7. Moderate to severe tendonitis/tendinopathy of the more superior fibers of the infraspinatus muscle.
8. No full or partial thickness tearing is demonstrated.
9. Moderate subscapularis tendinopathy.
10. Tiny intrasubstance tearing of the fibers is not excluded.
11. No subscapularis muscle atrophy.
12. Teres minor is intact.
13. No glenoid rim articular cartilage loss.
14. No significant joint, bursal, or synovial effusion.
15. No osseous lesion or soft tissue mass.


1. Partial thickness tearing of the supraspinatus tendon with likely post traumatic cyst formation within the supraspinatus tendon-muscle complex.
2. Moderate acromioclavicular joint osteoarthritis with increased anatomical risk for impingement.
3. Moderate to severe infraspinatus tendinopathy.
4. Moderate subscapularis tendinopathy
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Hello kincaidkid,

It seems you are having a traumatic inflammatory condition. You need to take pain killer and anti inflammatory like ibuprofen and might be as well corticosteroid to lessen the inflammation. Kindly consult your orthopedician for further action.

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Thank you for your reply!  
What does "Partial thickness tearing of the supraspinatus tendon with likely post traumatic cyst formation within the supraspinatus tendon-muscle complex" mean?  

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I just had a Mri Anthrogram to my left shoulder the radiologogist had my arm tightly to my side..  In 2004 injuried should 2005 I had first surgery on it for labrel tear and buritis then for 5 years I went to pain doctors, neurologist etc cause the pain was just getting worse and using my left arm brought me to tears. 2006 I was diagnoised in that shoulder RSD(complex regional pain syndrome) but I knew something more then just that going on in my shoulder I felt sharpness like something was moving in my shoulder.....  Finally I found an orthopaedic who could completely see all I have gone through and nothing was helping and told me he would go in my shoulder anthroscopically and see what is going on since all test show inflamation (inflammation) but not why.  WELL I WAS RIGHT THE STITCHES INSIDE MY SHOULDER THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO HOLD MY TEAR TOGETHER CAME LOOSE SO TEAR NEVER REPAIRED AND THERE WAS BONE SPURS ALL WHICH NEVER SHOWED ON TWO MRI'S PRIOR TO THIS SECOND SURGERY THAT WAS PERFORMED IN OCTOBER 2010.  I am still in so much pain especially when moving arm... I had ultrasound guided cortisone novemeber 2011 and because of inflamation (inflammation) and fluid introduced into joint made things worse till meds absorbed but no pain relief even prior to second surgery surgeon tried cortisone injection I told him it was not helping but making me miserable.  And I am not one who takes meds either so it was difficult...  So in Dec 2011 I had the Mri Anthrogram FINDINGS where- mild tendinosis of the supraspinatus without tear-------there is mild AC Joint arthrosis-----there is a trace amount of subacromial bursal fluid....  but that is the findings then the report has a part at the end that states IMPRESSION:  Mild tendinosis of the supraspinatus.  postoperative apperance of the anterosuperior labrum without residual or recurrent tear.
So I am totally confused cause I looked up the Findings of what AC Arthrosis is and it lists all the pain and movement issues I am having even before 1st surgery and after 1st and 2nd surgery...  I am in miserable pain but hate the feeling of meds and being out of control...  LIke I said the injury was in 2004 and I am living in hell.  I am 43 going on 44 female...  I just want to get my life back please can you give me answers and how to ask questions to my orthopaedic surgeon to let him know that the arthosis info I found pinpoints my case almost completely.......  I am putting my email address on here for anyone who can help me finally get better.....  thanks


maybe you will end up helping others like me tooo.. thankyou
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