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Help as soon as possible

My name is Ernesto Nieto

My problem is that i dislocated a disc from my spinal cord in the lower back that is pinching a nerver from my right leg
my legs gets really numb. It is difficult for me to walk for a period of time because its starts to hurt even when iam standing.
I been going to Orthopedic but the thing is that the Orthopedic doesnt accept my insurance which is medical share of cost. I need surgery but the thing is i cant find a doctor that accepts my insurance
I need help finding a doctor that accepts my insurance around the area of Orange County
Im just 19 years old and right now im suffering from lots of pain i cant do my regular activities like play soccer.
I been having this over a 1 year now...
Please I need help this pain is a nightmare at times i cant sleep at night of so much pain

Please Help me!!
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Avatar dr m tn

I would suggest you to take appropriate NSAIDs and apply hot fomentation on your lower back to reduce pain. If required take steroid shots.

I suggest you to wear proper foot wear and follow proper ergonomics to reduce further damage of your lumbar vertebra.

I would also suggest you to call your insurance company and get the list of hospitals where you can go, select a good orthopedician and go ahead.

Take care!
Avatar m tn
Thanks for all your suggestion Dr. Vinod

I have try all does things but i dont feel better
I got the steriod shot also but it didnt work and the last option is the surgery

I already call my insurance to give a list of doctors and hospital that will accept my insurance but their no help.

they say they dont do that anymore that we have to find the doctor.

I have just try anything to find someone but there nothing

I have taking pilll to disinflate the pain, i also got the steroid shot like i mention the last thing is the surgery but i need to find one but i havent had an luck

so basically i have done all you suggested...
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