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Help understanding MRI results PLEASE!
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Help understanding MRI results PLEASE!

This is my first post on here and I hope I am not posting in the wrong place. If I am I apologize.
I am hoping someone can help me understand the results for my MRI that was done on my shoulder. The pain is so bad I can barely lean back against the couch and sleeping on my back is just about unbearable forget about using my shoulder in any real useful manner. Even typing this is hurting. Anyway here is what the report says:

The examination demonstrates rotator cuff tendinosis of a severe degree, with thickening and increased signal diffusely evident within the supraspinatus tendon. There is mild bursal sided fraying, more evident more anteriorly. Fluid in the subdeltoid bursa reflects mild bursitis.  There is mild degenerative change about the AC joint, with lateral downsloping of the acromion.  There is a type I-II anterior acrmion on the sagittal views.  Changes in the glenoid labrum are reflective of a anterior-superior sublabral foramen, with a superior sublabral sulcus and posterior-superior blunting and fraying. The biceps tendon is intact. The subscapularis tendon anteriorly shows diffuse moderate tendinosis as well.

1. Rotator cuff tendinosis diffusely involving the supraspinatus tendon of a severe degree, with thickening and increased signal.  There is bursal sided fraying more evident more anteriorly in the supraspinatus tendon.
2. Moderate subdestoid bursitis.
3. Appearance of the glenoid labrum which suggests an anterior-superior sublabral foramen, with a superior sublabral sulcus and posterior-superior labral blunting and fraying.

Can anyone tell me in more understandable terms what this means? Funny thing is my son is going in for should surgery in 3 weeks for a torn labrum, a loose capsule, a bone spur and a fluid filled bursa. He's a hockey player! I'm not.  These are my results. Thanks for any help given.
Lisa : )
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