How long should a small bone bruise on a ankle take to heal?
by anthony388, Aug 02, 2013
One day I was skating, till I hit myself hard with the board (ignoring the fact that I had small bruises the whole week), but this time to the bone. I got X-Rays done just last week and the doctor said it wasn't anything big, just a small bone bruise. Anyhow, the day I got the bone bruise I was limping and it was swollen, but the next day it healed up A LOT, especially by the 3rd day, now i'm just left with the small feeling on my ankle (just feels weird feeling the numbness of the bruises) , but I could still feel the pain..... Not a lot. So just wondering how long should it take for a small bone bruise on my ankle to heal? The doctor said if i'm comfortable, in 2 weeks I can start skating again but I need to take it easy. By the way, during the 3rd day I wasn't limping anymore!
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by Dr. Kokil MathurBlank, Aug 04, 2013
The healing process will depend on the size of the bone bruise. Usually an ankle or lower leg bruise will heal completely in about 2-4 weeks. So, active sports should ideally be started after 4 weeks. Meanwhile give rest to the ankle for 1-2 weeks, keep it raised while sitting or lying down, and take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for 3-4 days to settle down the inflammation. The pain may have subsided now because you are resting the ankle but may resume if you start using it much. Before resuming skating after 2 weeks, please consult your doctor to ensure that the bone bruise has healed completely. Take care!

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