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How/when to Rehab L3 Compression Fracture
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How/when to Rehab L3 Compression Fracture

I fractured, (compression), my L3 a month ago, on Feb. 24.  (CT pics and video links below.)
I can't get an appointment to see an Orthopedic Doctor earlier than APRIL 18!

Is it safe to start rehab on my back now. And, what is safe, -or not safe, to do?
I am athletic, and want to do as much as possible. So far I have done nothing but rest.
The last few days it is starting to get sore... (Healing?)
More details below...


And thanks in advance for any/all help.
I fell down a flight of stairs on February 24, (landing on my feet, upright the whole way down), resulting in a compression fracture of my L3 vertebrae.

Here is a link to a photo from one slide of the CT scan, [as I do not see how to post a pic in this forum.]

And, here is a very short video of the whole scan:

I received emergency medical care in Connecticut, and I was able to walk out of the hospital that night.
I am a Medicaid patient in NY, (Brooklyn), and went to my clinic when I returned to NY, saw a walk in doctor there and got a referral to see an Orthopedic Doctor, and again, the earliest appointment I could get is for April 18!  So, I am basically on my own for two months.

Tomorrow will be four weeks since the fracture. I need some advice please!
I can't wait another month to find out what to do!
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What a bummer.

I had posted this both in Orthopedic Community, (this forum), as well as in the Orthopedic sports medicine forum, where you supposedly can get some medical advice from a doctor.

And, they moved it to this forum! So now there are two posts here...

I am pretty despondent that I can't get any advice on what I can and can't do with my fractured L3, and can't get to see an orthopedic Dr. for two months from the injury, and another month from now...
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