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Is my pain from L2 or L5-S1 or?
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Is my pain from L2 or L5-S1 or?

I had a bad whiplash type lifting injury 5/05.  10/05 XLIF L3-4 for spondyloliythesis.  5/06 found myelomacia at T11-12 emergency costotransversectomy.  10/07 to present severe pain returned similar to previous two years.  Pain is constant left side - sharp low back becomes burning pain that travels across left hip down outside left thigh, outside left calf; when bending forward - inside left thigh burning pain radiates from groin to knee.  Intermittent right sided pain at right low back across right hip and down outside right leg.  New MRI shows new herniation at L2 above fusion getting at the nerve as well as significant stenosis at L4-5-S1 getting at L5 nerve.  Since injury I have left side weak hip flexor that is slowly getting worse and reduced knee reflexes.  
Question:  with so many levels injured, is it more likely that the problem is L2 or L5?   Could the real culprit still be thoracic (I have residual flank pain and loss of abdominal muscle/s)?  What would be the best approach to make sure the problem is isolated to the right disc/nerve?  I'm getting very tired of tests (over last 2 1/2 years - 8 epidurals, 10 x-rays, 1 CT, 4 MRI's, too many PT's to remember).  Additionally, I am on celebrex,  lyrica,  Ultram ER, spare use of percocet.
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In the lumbosacral spine, radicular symptoms are caused by an intervertebral disc bulge, protrusion, extrusion, or sequestration that compresses and inflames a nerve root in approximately 98% of all cases. Other causes of radicular symptoms emanating from the lumbosacral spine include disc osteophytes, a buckled ligamentum flavum, zygapophysial (Z)-joint hypertrophy, and other causes of lumbosacral spinal stenosis.
I think the problems lie at your lumbar level.
You need to get imaging study done and see for spinal disc pathology.
You can get Nerve conduction study to see for motor function of nerve.
You can consult neurologist and orthopaedician.
You would have two different approaches, two different views and two assessments to bank on.
Keep me informed.
I would be interested to know what is your decision and what is you planning further.
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