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Knee, shin and ankle pain
Can someone please help me understand what is going on?  I've started a new workout about 5 weeks ago with an awesome trainer.  Suddenly, last week, I've been experiencing some of the worst arthritis flare ups in my knees.  My right knee being the worst.  

Along with my knee pain, stiffness, achiness, etc.  I also keep getting shin pain (I don't think it is shin splints).  It started out a pulling/burning sensation up and down my shin.  Now it's dull and achy and EXTREMELY sore to the touch (inside of shin).  And about 2 days ago the pain has spread to the outside of my ankle when I walk and is somewhat tender to the touch.

I've been icing my knee, shin and ankle.  I do a small amount of swelling at the shin.  Ibuprofren and tylenol arthritis take away some of the knee pain but do nothing for my shin pain.

What is it???
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