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Knee MRI Report
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Knee MRI Report

9 weeks ago I (31, F) landed (anterior) Right Knee first while sliding in softball.

After 7 weeks of PT my ortho determined I was only at a 40% functioning level (Prior to injury I was involved in sports, running, and had a personal trainer--currently I still limp when I walk) removed me from PT and sent me in for an MRI.

I just received the results but have another week til I see the Doctor.
I am just curious about the basic meaning of the report findings and some possible approaches based on the findings and background information.

1. Diffuse increased PCL signal consistent with partial tear.  Mild insertional tearing quadricep tendon attachment on patella and mild patellar teninosis.
2. Small focus of linear vertically oriented signal posterolateral meniscus just proximal to attachment, appreciated only on sagittal image, which may reflect undersurface fibrillation or tear.**
3. Mild lateral and patellofemoral joint compartment chonromalacia.

I present with lateral joint superficial fibrillation posterior weight-bearing tibial plateau and patellofemoral joint superficial fibrillation and blistering.  Additionally I have a medial popliteal cyst that was palpated by my ortho and confirmed on film.

**In my findings it is listed as: Small focus of vertically oriented signal contacting inferior articular surface posterior horn lateral meniscus proximal to meniscal attachment

Thank you so much!
I am super active and am going absolutely crazy after doing nothing for two months. :(
Hi there!

Well, the report described degenerative changes possible secondary to trauma with findings of PCL tear, medical meniscus tear and chondromalacia (thinning of joint cartilage). This is usually associated with significant amount of inflammations, possible responsible for the symptoms. The management is largely dependent on grade of the injuries described and the level of physical activity. I would suggest consulting an orthopedician for a detailed evaluation and suggestion of an appropriate management plan.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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