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Knee Pain Worstened by Airplanes? Is There a Good Glucosamine Med? Fo...
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Knee Pain Worstened by Airplanes? Is There a Good Glucosamine Med? Foods?

I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in August 2006.  It was done to clean up a small tear in the medial miniscus.  Today (11/28/2006), the knee feels ~95% healed.  There was some slight "clicking" for a month after the surgery, however I attribute this to scar tissue.  It has since gone away.  I still get some slight pain in the knee, on occasion.  Not drastic.  I believe the knee is going to be normal within a year.  

I may have to get my left knee done again.  It was 'scoped by a prominent orthopedic surgeon at Lankenau Hospital in Philadelphia, ~ 1995.  Small medial miniscus tear.  It was great until my right knee surgery a few months ago. I had to favor the left knee for several weeks, putting all the weight on it, etc.  Then I started hearing some of the classic "clicks and pops", not too loud, but symptomatic of what I had before.
Not sure if this is attributable to a new tear, or if the knee is not aligned properly.

Lately the left knee "clicks and pops" have gone away.  But the slight pain arises once in a while.  It definitely comes up when I fly from the west coast to the east coast, which I do ~ every two months.

Anyway, here are my two questions:
1) Should I get the left knee looked at again?
2) Does flying in an airplane aggravate any joint pain one may have?
3) Is there any good brand name glucosamine or other med/supplement I can take to re-build the cartiledge?  What about diet, any specfic foods I should eat or avoid?
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I had a few meniscus surgeries in 2000-2003, and then a meniscus transplant about 3 years ago.  My knee always hurts when I fly and when I'm driving in traffic, but not very often otherwise.  I am searching for an explanation on the flying pain but have yet to find one beyond the fact that sitting for long periods is generally not good for injured knees...  Anyone out there know why injuries flare up during flight?
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