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Knee pain (patellofemoral syndrome?)
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Knee pain (patellofemoral syndrome?)

I have pain in both knees which worsens with activity.  I am a healthy female in my late 20's.  I study martial arts and am in good shape with excellent muscle development.  Unfortunately martial arts studies increases my knee pain which has become more or less constant.  Climbing stairs and bending/crouching is extremely painful, and my knees grind (you can see and feel the grinding) and pop/lock constantly.  I've seen my general practitioner who thinks it is patellofemoral syndrome.  Physical therapy did not help and I have a stomach disorder that makes taking NSAIDs very difficult.  The pain seems to be deep under my kneecap as well as above the knee, and to the inside of the knee.  At this point I do not know if I need to seek an orthopedist or sports specialist and request a CT/MRI.  Any advice will be appreciated, thank you.
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Hello, I also am a martial arts practioner (well I was) and I injured my Left knee during a level 4 womens adrenaline stress class.  I had the exact symptoms.. please go see an ortho.. I had torn medial and lateral meniscus (sp?)  and needed an imobilizer.  It is definatly worth seeing an ortho and getting an MRI.  You dont want to risk doing more damage!
Hope this helps.. feel better.
ive had knee pain in both knees for almost three years!
i saw two orthos, one rheumatologist, had almost one year of p/therapy ..
i was diagnosed with PFS and chondromalacia/ bursitis tendonitis.
i took aspirin for a long time but then it started bothering my stomach...and really didnt help much with the pain.
i had all the same symptoms as you..exactly.
i used to go dancing for hours..three nights a week in very high heels and it caused inflammation of my whole knee area, ligaments, tendons , fascia, cartilage.
i had xrays and mri..showed basically nothing in particular.
i had blood work to rule out any autoimmune diseases too or arthritis.
i cut spices, pepper and red peppers out of my diet...they also caused systemic inflammation and finally the one thing thats helped bring me some relief.is believe it or not
..once a week accupuncture.
it was the last thing i thought id ever try , but in desperation i finally gave in...and went after having no success with western medicine.
i take things easier..i dont wear high heels anymore..ever!
i dont over do ..so that hopefully this will heal.
the pain is awful and even walking is difficult at times.
do get mri and xrays to be sure and see an ortho just in case it is as mrsdegel posted.
but because it is bilateral in both knees..it sounds more like pfs and chondro.
keep in touch ..
its a long hard road to getting better and can take YEARS.
sad to say..but its not ususual..once you get this..its a very long slow recovery.
let me know what happens.
I have patellafemoral syndrome.  I have been told my knee does not "track" well and this causes my pain.  Any activity or long periods of inactivity cause me pain.  I cannot wear high heels.  I have tried physio, accupuncture, medications, ultrasound, herbal suppliments, painful injections etc., etc.  Nothing has worked long-term.  Pain is what I deal with every day.
My othro is recommending patella re-alignment surgery. Does anyone know about this surgery?  successes?
I am 25 yrs. old and I have a # of medical problems. I have epilipsy, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, 2 herniated discs, 1 buldging disc, endrometriosis, & Patellofemoral grinding bilatal. I have had 2 surgeries for the endrometriosis, which didn't work, so I was put on a shot called LUPRON for 12 months that actually made me go through menopause during that time. I also had my gallbladder removed. I saw a # of surgeons about my back, and every single one I went to told me there was to much damage and noone would operate. ( I had been dealing with this since I was 14 yrs. old). Finally I found this wonderful surgeon who introduced me to the SYNCROMED INFUSION SYSTEM. It is an implantable, battery-powered device that stores and dispenses drugs. The VERY thin catheter connects to your pump and delivers medication from the pump to a specific site in your body. Because it delivers pain medication directly to the receptors in the spinal cord, smaller doses are required to gain relief. It is ideal for people who deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. I have had this pump in now for about 2 1/2 months and it's starting to help. After the first month and 1/2 the swelling from the surgery goes down and you often forget that it is even inside you. It is implanted in the abdominal area, just above or below the beltline. The doctors gradually increase your dose to see whats best for you. Just yesterday, I went for my increase, and after @ 3 or 4 years of asking different doctors to please find out what is wrong with my knees( because of the grinding & excruciating pain, and getting absolutely no answers at all except that I need to walk and it will go away), I finally got an answer......PATELLOFEMORAL GRINDING BILATERAL. I strongly suggest that anyone with chronic pain look up the SYNCROMED INFUSION SYSTEM, it is truley a modern medical miracal, and I would not be on my way to living a normal lifestyle if not for this pump. This pump is going to help with all of my pain from the waist down. I hope I could be of some help to someone.
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