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Latest Alternative to Total Knee Replacement
I appreciate that this is a website and forum dedicated to total health,but thought I would join and as a new member let you know what I have had done to my knees.
I was told at 45 years old that I needed a knee replacement, but opted instead for a "Biological" alternative at Prof Toft's clinic in Munich. I went along with my Orthopaedic Surgeon from the UK, who observed my operation and several other reconstructions.
My surgeon has now undertaken between 150-200 such procedures in Wales, UK, with great success. He has improved the procedure with stem cells extracted from the thigh bone.
The link below is to the clinic in Hereford,England, and outlines the operation.


I confess to having an interest in the clinic, and to actually being the Case Study on the website, but feel that people should perhaps be aware of new alternatives as they come along.This is not a substitute to the "Gold Standard" of Total Knee Replacement, just an alternative for those deemed too young or too active for a TKR.

Hope that you find this interesting

David Hoyle
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