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MRI Results Opinion
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MRI Results Opinion

I recently MRI done on the lower back region.  I have now seen a spinal doctor and am being referred to a spinal surgeon,
I just wanted to get your professional opinion on the findings.

Patient a 30 yr old male,
Gordon Kelter
Routine L-Spine
Findings the patient has a developmentally narrow spinal canal with superimposed degenerative changes.

At L3-4 level there is a diffuse disc bulge causing indentation of the thecal sac with bilateral degenerative facet changes as well as ligamentum flavum hypertrophy contributing to cause moderate degree of central canal stenosis. There is also mild foraminal narrowing bilaterally without caising definate nerve root impingement. At the L4-5 level there is a diffuse disc bulge in combination with ligamentum flavum hypertrophy and degenerative facet changes causing a severe degree of central canal stenosis. the foramanal zones bilaterally show minimal narrowing without causing any definate nerve root impingement.

At the L5-S1 level there is a diffuse disc bulge with a posterior annular tear centrally causing indentation of the thecal sac.  There is a very mild lateral recess stenosis more towards the left without causing definate nerve root impingement. Mild facet degenerative changes are seen. Mild left sided foraminal narrowing seen without causing any definate root impingement. THe spinal cord ends at normal level conus and cauda equina nerve roots.

Multilevel degenerative changes in the lower lumbar spine worst at L4-5 level causing severe degree of central canal stenosis and to a lesser degree at L3-4 level as described.

there is a lot there and I really hope that you can give some sort of input in it,
Thank You,

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Avatar dr m tn
hello dear gordon,
your MRI report tells that you have wearing out of your spine. Also, it's associated with slip disc. However, there is no harm in consulting spine specialist.
The reason for this referral is that, since there is some compression due to disk problem, your doctor wants to rule out any form of surgery.
Please don't feel scared, if i am telling you about surgery as that's the last option any spine doctor would advice. He will examine you, see for your signs and symptoms and how much disability you are facing.

If you have more query, do ask more.
Avatar m tn
I have seen one Gp/ Spinal specialist and he has referred me to a spinal surgeon.  They want to fix 2 discs and put pins in, I think its called fusing?  What eould you think about this,
Avatar n tn
I have the same problem with arthritis and have had three different Orthopedic Doctors telling me that I need a spinal fusion. I hope yours is a different out-come. GOOD LUCK!!
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