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MRI Results
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MRI Results

Are these MRI results not normal for a 27/yr male. Experiencing Mid/upper back pain and neck pain.

    Neck pain.  
    MR imaging of the cervical spine is performed in sagittal and axial  
    planes. There are no previous.  
    There are degenerative disc changes with uncovertebral joint hypertrophy  
    associated. The discs are decreased in signal. There is facet joint  
    arthropathy. Degenerative change narrows the neural foramina.  
    At C2-C3, there is a left paracentral and lateral degenerative disc  
    osteophyte complex encroaching upon the left neural foramina.  
    At C3-C4, there is a degenerative disc osteophyte complex, with narrowing  
    of the left neural foramina.  
    At C4-C5, the disc demonstrates a small annular tear but is not herniated.  
    At C5-C6, there is a degenerative disc osteophyte complex with narrowing  
    of the right neural foramina.  
    At C6-C7, there is a mild central disc protrusion. There is not  
    significant central spinal stenosis.  
    The cerebellar tonsils are normal in position. The spinal cord is normal  
    in appearance.  
    Cervical spondylosis with degenerative disc changes, uncovertebral joint  
    hypertrophy and facet arthropathy narrows the neural foramina at multiple  
    levels. See above for a full description.  
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