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MRI report findings
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MRI report findings

I've had knee problems for the last two years, but just last week I fell down the stairs and did some new damage to my knee. The MRI report findings are:

1. Incomplete vertical fracture of the patella and a reciprocal bone marrow contusion of the trochlea. Impaction fracture of the posterior non-weigh bearing surface of the lateral femoral condyle.
2. Tear of the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus extending to the root, involving the inferior surface. Status of post partial medial meniscectomy without residual or recurrent tear.
3. Mild diffuse interstitial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament.
4. Moderate sprain of the medial patellofemoral ligament associated with a grade 1 strain of the vastus medialis obliquus muscle.
5. Small joint effusion.

I'm rather confused about what all of this medical terminology means, so if you could just give me an idea of what all of this means and what some possible treatments are, that would be great!

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Avatar m tn

MRI of left knee
Clinical history: ?anterior cruciate ligament tear ,? Posterior horn of medical meniscus tear
Scan Protocol:
Sagittal: T2 GRE, PD FATSAT
Coronal: T1 FSE, FSEIR

Hyperintense signal in seen in both tibal condyles on FSEIR images appearing hypointense on T1W images suggestive of bone bruise/contusion.
A moderate sized intra articular effusion is seen in the knee joint mainly in the supra and retro patellar synovial compartments. This looks hypointense on T1W images and hyperintense on T2W images.
Anterior cruciate ligament is not visualized suggestive of full thickness tear. Posterior cruciate ligament appears normal.
Hyperintense signal is seen in posterior horn of medial meniscus on GRE images suggestive of myxoid degeneration. Lateral meniscus appears normal.
Abnormal hyperintense signal is seen superficial to medial collateral ligament suggestive of grade I sprain. Lateral collateral ligament appears normal.
Bone bruise/ contusion  on both tibal condyles.
Full thickness tear of anterior cruciate ligament.
Grade I sprain of medial collateral ligament.
Myxoid degeneration of posterior horn medial meniscus.
Moderate intra articular effusion.

This is the report, of my knee.
The doctors here in india say i need operation.
Are there any new ways to repair my hurt?
Please help me.
I heard about the new procedure of inserting some gel in it?
I hav no pain in my knee, so why whould i go for the operation?
waiting for your reply.
I m not in sports.
Avatar m tn
please email me @ ***@****
I need to take a decision about my operation.
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