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My orthopedist is at a loss -- I hope someone here can help
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My orthopedist is at a loss -- I hope someone here can help

Symptoms: Staring in October 2007, I began to notice pain at the front of my right hip joint that quickly escalated. The hip only hurts when I try to lift my leg unassisted -- however, if I hold my leg and lift it, there is no pain. Nor is there pain when I twist the hip. In fact, provided someone supports my right leg, the leg and hip can be manipulated into any position without pain. But I can't lift my right foot more than six inches off the ground unassisted. At the time the injury or condition occurred I was doing a lot of yoga and was sexually active. Those are the only two activities I can imagine that would have resulted in some kind of injury, but I didn't ever feel one happen. I went to my orthopedist and he suggested an MRI. Since then he has also prescribed physical therapy and ordered an arthrogram. In my many visits to his office he has been unable to diagnose the exact problem and we are at a loss.

Even worse, I developed cascading symptoms from the hip that made it impossible to sleep lying down. If I lie flat, the muscle or tendon or nerve (we can't tell which) running from the front of my hip joint down the front of my thigh (curving somewhat inward and then out again) begins to burn and ache. The termination point for this pain is just above the right knee and somewhat to the left of it. Then I began having constant pain almost everywhere in my right hip and thigh. I began physical therapy and got immediate relief from some of it -- the PT said that I had begun to over-rotate my right hip and that the hip capsule and muscles of my right thigh had become severely tightened. In addition the muscles of my right leg were weakening because of non-use. After several weeks of treatment and stretching we cautiously introduced some exercises that help me with the cascading symptoms. I can sleep lying down now for a few hours, but it usually results in pain.

Tests and treatment: I've had x-rays, MRIs of both hips and the lumbar area, and an arthrogram of my right hip. One of the MRIs seemed to indicate a partial tear of the labrum, but the arthrogram didn't bear that out. I've received a cortisone injection into the hip, which partially and temporarily relieved some of the pain, but has since worn off. I have a prescription for Daypro which sometimes helps with the pain in the morning but does not completely alleviate it. I've had several months of physical therapy which have helped a lot with the cascading symptoms (the burning down the front of my thigh, etc.) and I now make an effort to keep my hip rotated and my knee and foot pointed forward.

My orthopedist is baffled, and I'm tired of not being able to lift my leg or sleep in my bed! Any ideas?
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1,How old are you? how about your walking?
2,It seem that you have a little problem in lower back,it lead to nerves symptoms (running from the front of my hip joint down the front of my thigh ),even though your MRI was negative.
3,Check your lower back and find a sensitive points.
4,Change a doctor for second opinion.
Good luck!
Hi Zak,

1. I'm 45, and I have no pain while walking. However, if I lift my leg to go up stairs or move it laterally when I get into my car, I'll get a stab of pain.

2. My PT did explore my back, and my orthopedist has tried to find a sensitive area, but so far no luck.

I think you are right -- I may need to seek another opinion from another orthopedist.

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