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Neurological Recovery Time for Cervical Laminectomy c3/4, c4/5,c5/6
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Neurological Recovery Time for Cervical Laminectomy c3/4, c4/5,c5/6

Hi Doctor

I am new to this forum. Recently my father( 75 years old) was diagnosed with severe ceverical spinal stenois at c3/4, c4/5, c5/6 and with a mild or little narrowing at l4/5.
His symptoms and signs where weakness in the upper an dlower limbs, difficult in standing up and walking ,pain in the neck, numbness from the left breast down to the toe, and burning sensation all over the body, he developed all these symptoms step by step durin ga 6 months course, because  we didn't had any spine surgeons in our country so it took us 6 months to  prepare for our overseas trip and make savings for a spine cervical surgery which costed us about 30,000 USD.

After we reached our destination country, He was immediately admited to a hospital and the spine surgeon decided to peform a laminectomy with Lateral Mass crews and and two rods.

The Spine surgeon mentioned that he used a Neuromonitoring device during the surgery called Intraoperative monitoring for Motor Evoked Potential which is a device that monitors the neurological morbdity during the manipulations in the spine,
Most of the signals before the surgery were in red color, after the surgery it showed that all the motor cortex singals of th elimbs are full restored.

Our expection post surgery was to disappear the symptomps within a 10 days and be able walk easily without pain and tiredness,  but so far after 10 days we don't have a single improvment but detetioration, more pain in the arms which the doctor explains itis due to he big incision at the muscle neck , and loss of bladder control which he also explains is due to the urinary cartheriation and insist recovery will take time.

I am suspicous that loss of bladder control is due to nerve damage.

He aslo suggested us that we should patient, and wait for 3-6 months for recovery or even more, is he correct, although he said before surgery he will be able to walk within a week without any pain.

It will be really helpfult if someone can help me know the recovery period for this type of patient,

Morever i become more concerned after we didnt see the improvment, as aalso an MRI showed that he has a diffuse brain atrophy which means thes shrinkage of the brain due to age , or a stroke, so a neurosurgeon is a afraid that most of his symtomps are due to a infarct/stroke.

Best Regards
Hi there!

Immediate improvement is not typically seen after a spinal surgery and improvement may take a few weeks/ months. In the initial few days/ weeks there may be increased severity of symptoms due to increased inflammation associated with post-surgical state. I would suggest giving it time and discussing the situation and the expected, prognosis in detail with your treating orthopedician. ‘Diffuse’ brain atrophy is more likely due to age and unlikely to be due to stroke and unless there are specific signs of a stroke, it should not be the cause of his symptoms.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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