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Pain in my bones
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Pain in my bones

hi, i  am a 20 year old female. i am a field hockey player and i have noticed that for  the past couple months my shin bones and the bones running along my instep pains me very badly whenever i run..or even walk. usually when i play games or train during hockey i noticed my shin bones starts to hurt me really badly, icing or stretching doesn't help at all.
also the bones in my hands also hurt me whenever i write or wash wares or basically anything that involves using my hands... its almost the same kind of pain... my shoulders, hip and knees are also places i experience the same kind of pain. my mother told me that my grand father has arthritis, but given my age i am not sure  if it could be that or something else. any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you very much
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Avatar dr m tn
Hello TriniPeach,
Regarding your shin pains the only diagnosis that comes in anybody's mind is SHIN SPLINTS.
This is commonly seen in people involved in active lifestyle as you have. But generally this remains confined to Shin bone only.
Sometimes though, a person may experience pain in other parts of the bodies.
If your grandfather had history of arthritis, you can do some basic blood test to rule out Rheumatoid arthritis (generally characterised my multiple joint pains,early morning pain and stiffness,Wrist and fingers more involved,etc). I am advising you this test so that the suspicion part is eliminated from your mind as i am hoping that the result will be normal.

As far as shin splints is concerned you can -
1) Initial painful phase - Take rest, anti-inflamatory medicines, Icepacks and Gel application.
2) Long term treatment - You need lifestyle modification. The reason is that the tress in not transmitted properly in your lower legs which is causing this problem. This can be in form of footwear modification so that force transmission is adjusted.

So you need to meet a orthopaedician also.

All the best,
keep us posted and ask more and more doubts,
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