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Pain under left scapula
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Pain under left scapula

I have had pain consistantly under my left scapula for almost one year.  My healthcare provider recently sent me fo an MRI which turned out normal.  I've undergone 5 weeks of physical therapy with no improvement.  The pain does not effect my range of motion, but it is constant and varies from moderate to severe.  The pain is localized roughly betweent he T4 and T5 ribs almost centered under the left scapula.  It hurts most when I sneeze and has effected my ability to sleep on my left side.  I have other pain in my hips as well and occasionally my left leg.   I was tested for RA in 2007, but turned up negative for the R-factor. I also have a very hard dime-sized nodule on my right wrist that is annoying, but not painful.

I live an active lifestyle with LOTS of excersize- 6 + hours per week (cycling, skiing, hiking).  I consider myself to be in above average physical condition, though still slightly overweight.  I would appreciate any advice or new directions to look.  Thank you.
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I would suggest you a chest X-ray to rule out any rib fractures and follow up with an orthopedician.

I would also suggest you to get your chest examined for any muscle or ligament damage which might be causing pain below scapula.

I would suggest you to consider sleeping and sitting on ergonomically friendly beds and chairs.

Get screened for rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic fever and get examined by a chest specialist to rule out any infections in the lung or in the chest.

Eat healthy and continue exercise.

Take care!
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