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Painfull levator scapula muscle and benign tumour on the right shoulder...
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Painfull levator scapula muscle and benign tumour on the right shoulder joint!!

Hello to all,

From Orthopaedist, 1998 I have diagnosis: Enthesopatia levator scapula. Have pains from the bottom of the scalp until bottom of the scapula muscle.
I have since my Secondary school day’s double sinusitis. Nobody ever did help me.
Then, one day I have got letter from one ORL doctor from abroad, I have to find the cause for my sinusitis pains. Since then, 1989 there were more diagnosis: Hypotireosis, Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia, Occipital Neuralgia, N. Suprascapularis. On the end I have beside all, benign tumour on the right shoulder joint. Doctors didn't find cause for that, so I didn't have operation, but I should have.
Now, I know that my levator scapula muscle is the cause for sinusitis, eyes, face pains, as also for all three neuralgias.
I don't know what the cause for benign tumour is. I was also by many Chiropractors (Russian specialists: Neurologists and Orthopaedists), they have explained to me, how is connection between neck muscles and sinusitis. They can't help me. It was only Neurologist, who did help me: here, 1997, 1998, and then he went to Russia.
Another one, also Neurologist in Germany has helped me long time ago, with only one injection, between neck and scapula or shoulder (right).
I have heard from my friend that her friend had the same on the shoulder and something wrong was with her kidney. After kidney was right, this pain on the swollen muscle disappeared.
There was also doctor from Russia, he looked in my eye (IRIS), and found out that all this problems are from the liver (I have more small cysts, nobody cares about them) and neck (C5).
I personally think the same. I want to know has anybody had the benign tumour on the shoulder joint, and if, how did he manage it? Also, what should I do with liver cysts, is there some special diet?
Here, I have nobody more to ask.
Thank you in advance, Bobbie33
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Avatar n tn
I have like a real small lump even with the back of my ear on my neck and its worrying me
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