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Pectus carinatum questions for a 15 yr old
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Pectus carinatum questions for a 15 yr old

Ok I have lots of questions as the Orthopedic Dr. put this in my lap and left the room with no responses to my questions.

My son had been getting hit in the chest by a kid at school 2-3 times a week all school yr. When he complained to me he had a hard time breathing and I seen the bulge in his chest I took him in...They said he had a fractured sternum of the lower pole..this was on the 13th of April. (My son didnt say anything all yr untill the 12th as he feared this child would do more to him if he told).

Took him for his check up with his normal DR on the 24th and she refered him out to an orothopedic DR which we seen this past Friday.  The Ortho. DR was not concerned with the fractured sternum said it has prob. healed or to the point of healing. Didin't really want to discuss the fracture with me (which we were there for this to begin with).

He went on to say my son has to see ortho. general surgeon for chest wall deformity (Pectus carinatum).

Symptoms: his chest/ribs are pretruding out, hard time breathing (where he says he needs to stack breath for a full breath), pain in the chest but, didnt hurt him when the Dr pushed on it, states his back hurts  in the area behind the rib cage and every so often will make popping noise,coughs alot, cant breath when lying on the back but, does better when lying on the side, out of breath easily when doing any form of exercise or playing.

1. does this fit the symptoms of  Pectus carinatum?
2. what are treatment options?
3. since this other child has been hitting my son in the chest and fractured his sternum could this have done        something to his lungs that is making it hard for him to breath?

About my son: Just turned 15, 5-8 3/4 inches tall, 122 lbs...he is very slinder

I am truely lost here because I take him in for one thing and was hit with something I wasnt exspecting. And trying to figure out if by this other kid hitting him in the chest caused the problems to him having a hard time breathing or done more damage to the chest wall deformity. I appreciate any answers to my questions to help me better understand all of this.
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Can anyone help answer my questions or give me some insite to this dignoses on my son?

"Again I appreciate any help/answers"

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