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Please Help!!

These are the findings of my left shoulder mri what can you tell me about a type 2 or 3 Ac
MRI left shoulder without contrast 10/30/2012

INDICATION: Impingement syndrome. Pain.

TECHNICAL FACTORS: T1 and fat-saturated T2 axial sequences, fat-saturated T2 sagittal sequences,
and fat-saturated proton-density axial sequences through the shoulder were obtained.

FINDINGS: There is mild rotator cuff tendinopathy seen without evidence for tear. Long head of the
biceps tendon is normal in position and intact. No labral tear is seen. Glenohumeral ligaments
appear intact. No abnormal bursal or joint fluid. AC joint is intact. Type II-III acromium is

IMPRESSION: Mild cuff tendinopathy without tear. Type II-III acromium.

These are the FINDINGS from my MRI of my Cervical Spine any info would be great.

There is straightening to mild reversal of the normal cervical lordosis presumably positional. Alignment at the cranial cervical and cervicothoracic thoracic junction is anatomic. There is no cervical fracture or listhesis. There is relatively diminution of fatty marrow signal throughout the cervical spine felt to be within normal limits for patient age and gender.  Cervicomedullary junction is normal. There is Chiari morphology. Cervical spinal cord demonstrates normal caliber and signal.

The C2-3, C3-4 AND C4-5, C5-6 AND C6-7 discs are all normal. There is no degenerative facet or ligamentum flavum change at any level. There is no spinal stenosis at any cervical level. Prevertebral soft tissues are normal.

Anyone that knows anything about cervical spine please give me any info you can on these findings. Does anyone know what Chiari Morphology is?

Any info on either of these would be very helpful!! I even posted pictures on here so if you see anything let me know!! Thanks for the help!! I go back to the Dr. on Friday and would like some idea of what to say!! PLEASE LOOK AT MY PICTURES AND SEE IF YOU SEE ANYTHING!!
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Hi there!

The report describes:
1. Mild degenerative change along the rotator cuff tendons without any actual tear.  
2. There is loss of normal curvature of the cervical spine, possibly secondary to the position acquired or inflammation around the region.
3. Chiari morphology is slightly low placement of the hind part of the brain.
I would suggest discussing the report in detail with your treating doctor.
Hope the information is helpful.

Take care!
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