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Right Ring Finger Injury
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Right Ring Finger Injury

I suffered an injury to my right ring finger on April 24,2008 while visiting a factory abroad. I fell down and perhaps the whole body weight rested on my finger, as a result of which the finger got swelling and little bent after a day followed by severe pain. The finger does not get straightened. I was advised by pharmacist to take Brufen tablets and apply some gel. As long as the tablet was taken for 3-4 days, the pain was not there.But no sooner the tablet was stopped, the pain again started.

I got X-Ray done of my finger and consulted an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I was informed that there is no fracture and it is a soft tissue damage. It should be normalized by dipping the finger in hot water 3-4 times a day. I continued for 10 days, but no recovery appeared. The doctor then suggested to go to a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist also did hold and cold water cover and also did some stretching of finger everyday. Whenever this exercise was done, it appeared there is improvement in swelling and bending. But soon after few minutes, the finger gets back to bent position with swelling appearing.

Subsequently I was advised wax bath for the finger and a finger splint has been made to be worn on the finger. I am wearing the splint for past 2 days. When worn, it seems that the finger has somewhat improved. But after being taken out, the finger goes back to the bent position gradually with swelling still appearing.

It has been almost 2 months now and I am worried about my finger. The finger is curved/bent and there has been swelling. Does anyone have any thoughts/advise for my finger ?

Pradeep Schroff
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I injured the ring finger of my left hand when I lost my balance and fell on my hand. I went to the ER, they x-rayed it, and gave me a splint for the finger. I have a follow-up appt this Friday but am trying to figure out what can be done.  The 4th finger now bends to the left. There has not been any significant pain connected with it. I only had to take Tylenol with it once. Does anyone know if something like this requires surgery, or will the finger straigten up on its own.  I have a feeling that there is a minor fracture in the top part of the finger. It bends slightly to the left.  I am able to bend the finger.
Thanks so much.

If you have a fracture you need to wear the splint for 2-3 weeks. Surgery is the last option  and only for chronic problems.

You need to rest your ring finger till your fracture heals and after that you can start physiotherapy.

Initially you will face stiffness but with exercising your fingers for a week you will have no issues with your ring finger and in 4 weeks there will be complete fracture recovery if you do not have any issues and follow all instructions.

If you do not have a fracture, continue splint till your doctor suggests and take pain killers.

Take care!
i hav injured my right ring finger. i stabbed it into the grass trying to pick something up. evidently after going to the hospital i have a tiny fracture in the tip. so annoying. have worn a splint for 2 weeks and am wondering whats the worst that can happen now if i take it off? im so over it and hate it.. its still swollen and a little painful/bruised. any thoughts??
I am having the same problem with my liitle finger though it has gotten better it gets worse when I take off the splint. It has been a problem since November. Keep the splint on it because it stays straight longer I have had it a week and a half and am seeing a huge improvement. Good luck.
Hi, after a rugby match last saturday I fractured the tip of my left ring finger, a piece of the bone removed itself complete With the ligament responsible for bending the tip. So had to have surgery to replace broken bone and ligament With titanium screws. Operation went well hand and forearm in semi plaster ( plaster only on under side ) Can only move fingers very slightly. Four days after operation Can already bend tip more than i could just after accident. Have been doing some exercise on a spinning bike very carefully Trying not to use hand
hand to promote blood. Hope All ends well have check up in two weeks but have to use plastet for 5 - 6 weeks.

flow and early repair
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