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Shoulder injury getting worse instead of better. I don't know what...
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Shoulder injury getting worse instead of better. I don't know what to do.

I fell about 3 months ago from a height of about 2 feet and on the way down I caught my armpit area on something and it felt like I pulled everything in my shoulder. I drive a school bus and continued to work for the next three weeks until the pain got so bad that I could no longer open and close the door of the bus. I went to the doc who thought it to be rotator cuff and sent me for MRI (results below). I was then referred to a ortho surgeon. By this time I was having a icy hot sensation in shoulder,arm, and hand with numbness and coldness in fingers. I then had another MRI of my brachial plexus which came back normal. Doc thought first mri of shoulder area not bad enough to be causing my pain. He gave me a steriod injection to help with pain and I thought my shoulder was coming apart I was in tears and the pain only got worse. Tried physical therapy but to painful and hand and fingers would go numb and get cold feeling with every exercise. At night I am  in tears and have a hard time trying to sleep with all the pain. Doc scheduled surgery so he could go in with the scope and look around and for impengment or something. This was suppose to happen yesterday but after it was scheduled  I had a nerve conduction test done which showed I have mild carpal tunnel and nerve damage to the radial, median and ulnur nerves which I believe to be the brachial plexus that the mri said was normal so doc canceled surgery because he thought it would involve to much arm movement which would not be good for the brachial plexus. Its been 3 months since the injury and I am getting worse instead of better. Shoulder is so painful now that I cant do much of anything and I can.t work which is making me nuts. I need this shoulder back to norm. I requested another MRI to see if there is a change from the first mri listed below. This will be next week and if MRI has'nt changed than I dont understand where all this pain is coming from. If anyone has any answers for me please help. Thanks.

MRI report says:
insertional intraosseous cyst formation is seen at the greater and lesser tuberosities of the humeral head. There is signal undercutting the anterior glenoid labrum and intermediate signal is seen in the superior labrum posterior to the biceps anchor. A nondisplaced superior and anterior glenoid labral tear is not excluded. There is a mild partial tear of the biceps  longus tendon which is slightly dysmorphic and abnormal in signal. A small amount of fluid in the biceps tendon sheath is nonspecific but could potentially reflect mild or early tenosynovitis. There is a minimal partial tear of the subscapularis tendon involving the cranial fibers.
There is supraspinatus tendinopathy with partial thickness intrasubstance tearing of the distal supraspinatus tendon.
There is a small anterior shoulder effusion, with fluid accumulating in the subscapularis recess. No bursal fluid collection is seen. Mild osteoarthritis at the acromioclavicular joint.

I think this MRI report sounds bad but the doc didnt seem to.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
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