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Swelling to top of right foot... Please help :(
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Swelling to top of right foot... Please help :(


Last friday i woke up and my right foot was very achy and sore when pressure was placed on top of foot by way of socks, shoes, and even the air touching it or me rubbing it on the bed or chair made it hurt. It swelled up quite a bit compared to the left foot.

The area is below the ankle but round toward top of foot and on the side.  

There is no pain under the foot, or on the ankle or on any other part of the foot.

I had not hurt the foot prior to this, no bang, knock, or no sudden movement to cause a muscle issue.

At night it goes down, but the next day it begins to swell again, it troubles me through the night if it rubs on the bedsheets etc.

My GP said its unusal in this area of the foot and theres no idication of bone trouble as other areas would hurt on examination. Ive been on anti-inflamatorys plus ibruefin and it still aches :(

Its like a dull ache all the time :(

Does anyone have any advice, ive never had foot issues and ive not recently started wearing new shoes either.

Thanks in advance.

(ive added a pic in the hope someone can help thanks.)
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Avatar dr m tn

There may be venous pooling of the blood and you should check if there is any edema in that area.
Check your blood pressure and also see if you had any allergies, insect bites or drug reactions and also check for anemia.
I would suggest you to exercise at your ankle joint after waking up by pressing and elevating your foot keeping your leg straight. Repeat dorsiflexion and plantar flexion.
Continue medications and use ice packs.

If nothing helps you would require following up with an orthopedician for proper clinical examination and MRI.

Take care!
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