Tibia\Knee Pain
by Eric77, Dec 21, 2010
I have been having some pain in the extreme upper part of my shin for the past week or so (it almost feels like knee pain, but it's actually just below the knee).  It first started last Monday or Tuesday.  I noticed it just kind of hurt and it was a little bit hard to go up and down stairs.  Then I took it really easy for several days because I had a nasty cold.  It actually seemed to feel a lot better and I kind of forgot about it.  It came back almost as soon as I returned to work on Monday (I have a desk job, but I do have to leave my office from time and time and walk up and down stairs to respond to help requests).  I think it may be the stairs that especially irritate the injury.  It seems like it is getting progressively worse.  I'm not limping just yet with a regular walk, but going up and down stairs has become very difficult.

My workout routine has changed a lot in recent months, so I suspect this could be related.  I was getting in a total of 4 workouts a week (alternating between lifting and running).  I recently joined a basketball league and have been playing basketball 1 to 2 times a week (sometimes in place of a running workout), and since it has become too cold to run outside I have been running on an indoor track or a treadmill.  I am not burning quite as many calories as I had been and so I have put on a few pounds (I'm still only 203 lbs at 6'3").

I did some reading and it sounded like it could be related to Osgood Schlatters, but I am 29 years old and do not recall ever having Osgood Schlatter issues as a teen.  When I feel the area with my hand it seems like there is a little bit of a bump, but I don't think the bump is very big.  It is tender when I press on the bone just below the knee cap.  The pain is slightly more toward the inside than dead center.  I can press on what I believe is the petellar tendon without any pain.  Do I need to get in to see a doctor to make sure its not a stress fracture or should I just take it easy and see what happens?  I probably will not be able to avoid walking around a lot at work, unless a doctor tells me I have to stop putting weight on it or something like that.  I do have the option of taking an elevator though.  Anyhow, I'm not usually the type to rush off to see a doctor, but any sound advice would be greatly appreciated!
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