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Treatment for Enthesopathy of knee
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Treatment for Enthesopathy of knee

Hello. there~!!

I have a question regard with "Enthesopathy of knee".

1. Is the Physical therapy the best way to heal "Enthesopathy of knee"?

2.If the X-ray result is 'Cortical irregularity at the medial tibial metadiaphysis',
can it be any other possible problems with Nerve or ligament??

And Dr. said 'enthesopathy versus stress reaction'
(no evidence of acute fracture, dislocation,subluxation,joint effusion)

3.Can it cause even worse situation??

(Basically, I don't have any idea with this one, so I'm wondering how bad it is. My worst concern is that "Am I gonna limping??")

10days ago, I hit my left superior & medial knee to stationary bicycle.
So far, there are no bruise and swelling.
But I have pain(4/10) not only around my knee but also left lower and upper leg.
And when I cross my leg or sit on and lie down, I feel tightness; posterior & lateral lower leg, tibial, and medial upper leg.
I feel tingling, so I also worry about Nerve damage.

Please help me.
Answer me.
Thank you so much
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Is the Physical therapy the best way to heal "Enthesopathy of knee"?
+ Physical therapy is one of the ways to treat Enthesopathy of Knee. The other ways would be surgical like release of tendon etc.
If the X-ray result is 'Cortical irregularity at the medial tibial metadiaphysis', can it be any other possible problems with Nerve or ligament??
+ Yes, there can be associated problems like nerve or ligament, which can't be made out on X-ray. MRI is better diagnostic imaging for soft tissue injury.
Yes most of the Enthesopathy’s are related to stress or over usage.
Can it cause even worse situation??
+ No, if taken care properly with help of physical therapy and medications, the condition will improve further it would not go down.
Pain, tingling and numbness are signs of neuropathy.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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I have Enthesopathy of Knee and I was wondering if it is normal to have a Fleshy Knot under the knee cap?
It don't hurt or anything but I was conerned about that and I was wondering also if it is normal for the knot to get bigger I went to the dr and they didn't seem to worried about it but I guess I am looking for a second opinion.
so please help,
Thanks, ***@****
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PLEASE read my post and answer it
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I had a enthesopathy at the insertion of the quadriceps tendon and patellar tendon.  Mild thickening of the quadriceps tendon.  Mild joint space narrowing of the medial compartment and questionable increased density of the proximal tibia.

Would like to ask what is the recommended threatment for this kind of medical conditions.  I have been limping if pain medications effect is gone.  Appreciate your response.    cjaqui
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There have been recent studies that severe sciatica can cause tendon ruptures. It just happened to me. I've never had any issue with either knee. But, I have repeated bouts of sciatica, left side. Post l4-l5 laminectomy. I was very angry at doctors who called me a liar, and that I'd injured it myself, by falling or twisting it. But I'd been couch ridden with severe sciatica, and I literally watched my knee effuse. They won't do back surgery because they insist the pain is originating in my knee, not my back! My leg is atrophying, I can't bear any weight on it, and they'd rather worship  the findings of the MRI, which si subjective, and ignore the objective, that I can't walk or sit in a regular chair. I'm bed and couch ridden.

Quote: How does a patella tendon rupture happen?

The function of the patella tendon is to transmit forces from the quadriceps (thigh muscles) to the shin bone. The patella tendon can be ruptured when the quadriceps (thigh muscle) is overstressed by a strong contraction.

Ask any patient who sufferers from severe sciatica causing excruciating pain, it's a "strong contraction".

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